Natura Cosmetics Grows And Invests In Argentina

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Brazilian beauty products giant Natura Cosmetics, with 7000 employees and over 1.7 million consultants worldwide, has announced plans to invest in local production to support its new distribution center in Garin and increase order processing capability by 80%.

Erasmo Toledo, vice president of International Operations for Natura, shared this at a press conference to announce the company’s main achievements in the past year, where he stressed that the company’s international operations represent over 19% of its consolidated revenues.

Natura hopes to close the year with an increase in turnover in the region of around 30% while meeting our goals of sustainability and environmental stewardship. The continued consolidation of our international operations and significant investments in logistics and production will undoubtedly support this growth, he said. 

With 21 years of activity in Argentina and a network of over 130,000 consultants, the country plays a prominent role within the company’s International Operations, which also include Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru and France.

The Argentinian operation is the largest for Natura outside Brazil.  In an exclusive message to reporters, the company also revealed its next steps: – Commitment to Argentina with a capacity of 10,000 orders per day and an average of 200 launches annually, 50% local billing in Argentina and products manufactured locally.

Natura began production in Argentina in 2010 with makeup products, then expanded to other  categories such as perfumes, skincare and hair care. 20% of local production is exported to countries like Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Colombia and Peru. 

We aim to increase the domestic production of our portfolio, said Erasmo Toledo. To this end, since 2010 we have started a careful selection and training of providers that meet the highest environmental and sustainable production standards that characterize our brand. 

Local production reduces CO2 emissions and allows the use of local raw materials such as organic alcohol (produced in Salta). To expand its logistics and distribution capacity, Natura recently signed a 10 year contract for a distribution center of 25,000 square meters in Garin.

It is the most important investment of Natura in Argentina and the most significant one Natura has made in operations and logistics outside Brazil. Moreover in the distribution center, the investment includes an assembly line of technology, which will be the first and only type in Natura's international operations. This investment will allow the company to increase its current order processing capability by 80%. said Erasmo Toledo.

The new distribution center will receive LEED GOLD certification, aligned with a commitment to sustainability by Natura that is recognized globally. 

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