WOR(l)D Global Network Improves Compensation Plan

Fabio Galdi, Wor(l)d Global Network, CEO


Over the last few months, critical events in the Direct Selling Industry have raised concerns about how the industry functions.

It is incorrect to think that the rules of Network Marketing are fixed, that they are unchangeable and untouchable.

A change is required to move the industry forward. WOR(l)D Global Network is not the first company to offer the industry something different, but it is one of the few companies that thinks outside the box” to produce an entirely new, viable solution.

According to the company:

WOR(l)D confirms that its 4WayPlan is the first ever pay plan that will pay commission with no minimum sales requirement.  In addition, its 4WayPlan will not require “autoship”.

WOR(l)D strongly believes in the genuine market demand by consumers for its products and services. It operates in the fast growing industries of mobile technology, mobile communication and wearable technology. In these industries, huge and sustained demand exists for unique products and services that deliver benefits which people can’t live without. Consequently, WOR(l)D does not have to impose minimum monthly sales, so its network can receive commission or partake in the opportunity that WOR(l)D Global Network offers.

WOR(l)D believes in the quality and necessity of its products and services.  Consequently it is confident that the upgraded 4WayPlan will not adversely impact its current growth and dynamic. Instead, WOR(l)D knows it will strengthen its position in the Direct Selling Industry, in its technology markets and in its network.

This breakthrough marks a turning point.  WOR(l)D is creating a new vision for the Direct Selling Industry. This paradigm shift highlights one of the many strategic initiatives that has fuelled  WOR(l)D’s impressive growth and continued momentum.

About WOR(l)D GN

WOR(l)D also referred to as World GN is a global multi million dollar company that offers services in the telecommunications, renewable energy, technology and mobile Telecommunication. Its current headquarters is in the United States with its major offices in the United States, United Kingdom, Russia, Moscow, Ireland, China and Singapore.

For more information please visit www.worldgn.com

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