Fuxion $100 million in Sales – Will Open New International Markets

Alvaro Benavides, CEO, Fuxion


Fuxion is a South American company founded in 2006 by Alvaro and Rafael Zuñiga with approx. $100 million in sales and 400,000 distributors. The company is engaged in the production of nutraceutical foods.

FuXion uses the latest advances in biotechnology and knowledge of ancient cultures, dedicated to improve every day people’s lives. It’s currently positioned as one of the most important emerging companies in Latin America with a presence in over 15 countries in North, Central and South America.

For 2016 Fuxion is planning to several countries and has recently signed up Randy Gage.

FuXion is growing steadily, merging with new talents and establishing itself as one of the most important network marketing companies in the world today.  This success is thanks to the talents of entrepreneurs, staff, and mentors as well as their vision regarding the constant changes in the Multi-level industry.

Randy Gage is one of the most talented and influential people in the MLM world.

His book How to Build a Multi-Level Money Machine is considered one of the fundamentals on which to base building a successful business.

Randy Gage - FuxionAfter many years of success in the field, Randy Gage has joined FuXion and is exicited about his partnership. He contributes his skills to the company that offers true health, with a corporate structure and product line capable of not only being the largest company in Latin America, but the entire world.

Alvaro Zuñiga, president and founder of FuXion, has enjoyed a close professional relationship with Randy for the past several years.  This relationship, built on various activities and projects, was the foundation that convinced Randy to take the opportunity to bring his enormous talents to FuXion.

Randy has expressed how enthusiastic and impressed he is about being part of FuXion, knowing the potential that it has to grow and expand in a very short time.

He commented that what impressed him the most about FuXion from the start was its people and how much he appreciated having the opportunity to know Alvaro and Rafael Zuñiga, partner founders of FuXion, Lina Orellana, Regional Manager of North America, and Michael Smith, Country Manager of USA for almost two years.


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