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Riccardo and Luana Vieri from Italy are 6 star Blue Diamonds in Sisel International and the European top earners.

SISEL International is located in Springville, Utah, USA and was founded by Tom Mower with the concept of producing the most powerful personal care products and nutritional supplements available, without potentially harmful ingredients.

Riccardo started his first network marketing opportunity in 1993 promoting in Europe a product to save gas.

He became general manager for Italy, Spain and France. In 1996 Riccardo started his own company, getting 15,000 distributors and over 50,000 customers, with millions of turning in Italy and Spain.

Ted Nuyten had the honor to interview the power couple.

Riccardo and  Luana, how did you discover network marketing?

Riccardo was 17 years. Before attending military service I wanted to earn some money. I met Peter and Barbara Metz in Florence. They're great leaders in Amway. I understood that soon or later I had to be in this industry.

Luana: I was in a difficult time in my life when I became translator of a big mlm company and after attending a big event for the first time in my life I was listening to a story that changed my life. I wrote then my speech to the top rank recognition: I never reached in that company because i made all the possible mistakes, but I still have that speech and I read it sometimes. That story saved me! Never stop promoting events and stories as the best way to improve peoples lives!

Riccardo and Luane, you are mature networkers, and successful in a couple of well known network marketing companies, why did you start with Sisel International?

We wanted a company with big potential, still not big enough to allow thousands of people to improve their life, and to allow hundreds of people to become millionaire, a company that would accept to improve to become one of the most individiate corp in the world.

Sisel has probably the biggest manufacturing plant in mlm with 425,000 square feet, 6 product division;  of age reversal, longevity, super beverages like tea and coffee, cosmetics and skin care, and all products are toxin free and so powerful! Sisel manufactures products required from people, and very important is debit free with a great mission.

This mix, generated an hurrican for this company in Europe and it is just the beginning.  Sisel is launcing rightnow worldwide a new device, the only one able to produce diatomic water with molecolar hydrogen. Molecular hydrogen scientifically provides many benefits. Anyone drinks water, but sisel diatomic water is really different!

Sisel water molecolar hydrogen device


We didn't want to work a binary comp plan. Nothing against that but we want really that anyone has same chance to succeed despite the time he joins the program.

We improved for Europe the compensation plan that rewards in 8 ways and pays daily, and we created the cube system, one global way to work and duplicate the easy concept of Transfer Buying, where Sisel is unstoppable due to the high range of different products it can offer and create.

With the latest water technology division and this unique device, the opportunity is even higher and will create wealth and health. We recently released a system to get leads and work on line to support people that wants to improve business with help of latest technology and this rocks!!!

So we know that Sisel is the company where one leader can stay and build a solid future that's why we invite leaders to join with us and work with Sisel.

Sisel presentation with Riccardo and Luana Vieri

Sisel presentation

Is network marketing in Italy, your home market different then working international?

There are differences mainly in regulation for direct sales and mlm, but the way for success is the same worldwide. We have distributors in several countries and when a someone is ready for success he succeed anywhere! With right company, right leaders and right system to duplicate, these elements will drive anyone  to success

What is your secret to success?

Luana is a power woman in this field, and me as creative and coach since many years, we combine fire, strong desire and unique skills to support distributors with love, motivation, creativity, tools and training.

Luana can attract women, lead by example and is perfect to follow up and her determination is far beyond any other person i ever met.

I can invent and create unique strategies that works and as an enterpreneur attract any kind of distributors indipendently from the field they're working in. Being  friendly and professional and lead by example is the winning key.

Is personal development important for you?

We think that without personal development, success will always stay far. Our life is a continuous development of qualities so the hardest part in mlm is that someone with background and experience could be still coachable and this unfortunately do not happen very often.

People with best skills due to past expereince are less coachable so, they have less chance to succeed unless they really have a strong desire to learn..  This is the key to really create power distributors.

Riccardo and Luane Vieri at home

Riccardo and Luana at home

Who are your mentors?

Riccardo: my parents. I thank them for what I am and it's why I am what I am that was able to become the person I am now. Even if I read many books of great coaches and trainers, and I met several great person in my life but  I am proud to say I am a self made man.

Since I was a child I started to create, improve, with great wishes and dreams… and I am always thursty to create things , win challanges that none did before me… sometimes I can reach my dreams, it other times no, but I always give a chance.

I remember in 2003 I started working for one of the top worldwide mlm company. I got succesful but i started using one automatic system to recruit virally and have webinars.. That company wanted me to quite the system and I was so disappointed that this company wanted to stop the progress that I stopped working in mlm for 10 years. Now after 12 years from that date, there's no mlm company that is not using webinars or provide a website to distributors to expand the business…. I arrive always in advance than anyone else! That's why i patent new things worldwide and that's why i am in sisel..

Luana: Also for me, my inspiration are my parents. Since I lost them 13 years ago, I remember all they tought me with their example expecially how they behaved while they were suffering and i will never ever stop applying their teachings in my life. In the business I will never say enough thanks to Riccardo. When I met him12 years ago I had to fight to have him sponsor me and teach me all I know today, and keeps teaching!

I also found Eric Worre as the best author for me. When I read his GoPro edition I found a concentrate of what we were teaching to our team dince 12 years and I said to Riccardo This book will safe a lot of people from failure in mlm. He wrote in the best way what people should apply. I already read that book 20 times in few months. I advice everyone to do the same!

What would you suggest to leaders in search of new home for their future?

To look only for real serious long term opportunities. Statistically who stays in a good company becomes a top earner. If you can't match the prefect company have a look on the new Sisel International, with 250 products, no debts and unique compensation plan and a new device water division than can give extra business opportunities all over the world!

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