Unicity Celebrates New Presidential Diamonds Suzanne & Jeff Heninger

Unicity, Suzanne & Jeff Heninger, Presidential Diamonds


The Heningers know what it takes to be successful and how to overcome any challenge or obstacle along the way.

When asked how they were able to capture this success, the Heninger’s replied, “Focus on the basics. Invite and present. That is what we teach our leaders and that is the mantra we follow. Never quit. Never be afraid to go and take another swing for that homerun!”

The Heningers are in the process of building a global ‘family’. They take their leadership responsibilities seriously and are constantly looking for ways to be close to their team, which they lovingly refer to as ‘family’. Whether in India, Australia or the US, they are constantly training and guiding the team. Suzanne and Jeff will continue to inspire thousands around the globe.

Suzanne and Jeff embody the Unicity lifestyle of healthy and active living. Their home is a mini Unicity store with almost every possible Unicity product, which they use on a daily basis. Suzanne and Jeff know how to build strong teams and they credit their success to their leaders, in particular the mentorship of Crown Diamond, Rick Jordan.

There is no doubt that they will continue to lead their teams based on the knowledge they have gained from their upline leaders.

Suzanne and Jeff emphasize that they trust and respect Stewart Hughes, and his vision and leadership. They say the corporate leaders give them great confidence in the future of the company. “We have given many years of our lives to Uniciy, and it has all been worth it.”

Suzanne and Jeff, Unicity thanks you for all your hard work, dedication and for leading an amazing team on a momentous journey.

“The diamond has been always esteemed the rarest stone, and the most precious of all: among the ancients it was called the stone of reconciliation.” – Lewis Vertoman

Source: Unicity International

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