Australia Based 98alive Announces USA Expansion

Professor Max Reynolds, 98alive, CEO


98 Alive Pty Ltd, an Australian based network marketing company that manufactures and sells natural health supplements based on the pioneering research of Professor Max Reynolds harnessing the remarkable properties of Melaleuca Alternifolia leaf oil (tea tree), has announced its expansion into the United States.

Professor Max Reynolds has over half a century of global experience in scientific research, business and product development.

His commitment and determination to exploring biotechnology and discovering new practical uses for it has led to many advances, including the development of 98alive™, which is produced by 98 Alive Pty Ltd of which Professor Reynolds is also the Managing Director.

The unique properties of 98alive™ have resulted in regular recommendations from healthcare professionals, compelling personal testimonials, and growing demand throughout Australia & New Zealand.

98alive™ is pleased to confirm it is expanding into the United States from February 2016, and is seeking to appoint entrepreneurial individuals and Healthcare Professionals as Distributors.

About 98alive™

Developed in Australia, 98alive™ is a natural, clinically proven, patent protected health supplement discovered by the pioneering research of Professor Max Reynolds conducted from the turn of the
century onward that harnessed the true medicinal possibility of tea tree oil.

Long used by the aboriginal peoples of Australia as a traditional medicine, tea tree oil is potentially toxic in its raw state. 98alive™ is created by processing the oil extracted from the Melaleuca Alternifolia plant through a proprietary method during which novel compounds have been identified to produce a complex substance that is highly active and safe for human consumption.

Professor Reynold’s proprietary procedure removes the constituents that make tea tree potentially toxic, unleashing its capacity to be one of nature’s most formidable health supplements. Global Universities and Medical Institutions have conducted extensive research on 98alive™: Research available on the independent research website:

98alive™ is licensed by Australia’s Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) for use as a listed medicine and a consumer health supplement with specific claim as a laboratory proven Immune
system support and anti-oxidant. 98alive™ has been available to the public through a Dynamic Network Marketing distribution system in Australia since February 2014.

98alive™ is now appointing Distributors for the United States. For additional information regarding 98alive™ products or Distribution opportunities in
Australia, New Zealand or the United States, contact Steven Hall or visit website:

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