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Kevin Thompson, The MLM Attorney,


The wisest direct selling executives never stop being students.  They are always open to learning more.  They encourage their field leaders to seek out opportunities to learn, and they practice what they preach.

Owners and employees of new and established direct selling companies attend the two-day Direct Selling Edge Conference to learn more about compensation plan design and improvement, how to build your field force, legal regulations, social media best practices for direct selling companies, tax obligations, compliance, merchant accounts, how to create a great company culture, what to do before you obtain or replace your software, and much more.

MLM attorney Kevin Thompson of ThompsonBurton and MLM compensation plan consultant Jay Leisner of Sylvina Consulting developed their two-day school for network marketing and party plan companies in 2011.  Held three times yearly, their 13th conference will be held on February 4-5, 2016 in warm Newport Beach, California.

The faculty members of the Direct Selling Edge Conference are all top experts in their respective fields.  The topics taught are suitable for both startup companies and companies already in business.  At this MLM and party plan conference, wisdom will be shared in every presentation.

Direct selling entrepreneurs and employees who are launching or growing network marketing or party plan companies will gain step-by-step knowledge on all of the following:

  • how direct selling is different from other business models
  • the important differences and similarities between network marketing and party plan companies
  • what recent FTC decisions mean for you
  • best practices for direct selling companies and their independent representatives
  • eight pillars of successful direct selling companies
  • the legal limits for raising capital and the legal rights inherent with stock ownership
  • the differences between different types of compensation plans and how to assess which plan type is best for you
  • the ABC’s of successful initial recruiting
  • what to do first when you are starting a new company
  • the key behaviors we need to motivate in, and the building blocks of, compensation plans
  • the science behind compensation plan design
  • what distributors are looking for when they join a new company
  • what you should do before you obtain or replace MLM software
  • why you need to have a distributor compliance system for your network marketing or party plan company
  • how to grow your culture from the beginning
  • what you absolutely need to know about merchant accounts, payment gateways, and global payments
  • your sales tax collection and remittance obligations
  • simple methods to keep your MLM or party plan company safe from federal and state regulators
  • common mistakes of startup companies
  • 20 secrets of successful companies

and more, including a fast answers speaker panel to answer questions you and your fellow students will be asking.

When you attend the Direct Selling Edge Conference in early February, you will return home with action steps you can take right away to grow your business faster.

In addition to the education, attendees will have an opportunity to personally meet with speakers at consulting appointments at the end of each day.  You can receive up to four hours of consultation from industry experts at no additional charge.

 A networking reception on the afternoon of the first day will provide you with a great opportunity to meet and talk with your fellow students.

At $250 for individual attendees, $300 total for teams of 2 or 3, and $75 per person for teams of 4 or more, the cost to you is low while the benefits to your business will be huge.

All details for the conference are posted at

If you own or are employed by a direct selling company, in today’s fast changing world it is more important than ever for you to stay informed and to never stop learning.

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