Synergy’s UK Team Member Maintains Elite Honors

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Synergy Worldwide's Steven Innes, a Team Leader from Scotland, is a shining example for Synergy UK of what’s possible with Elite Honors. As an Elite Honors founder, Steven was challenged to complete the Elite Honors qualifications before the system was launched at Summit 2015.
He not only completed this challenge, he has replicated his efforts every month since August, making him a five-time Elite Honors qualifier. His consistency proves that those who make Elite Honors qualification their main business objective at the beginning of each new month can have sizable success with not only the Elite Honors model, but with their Synergy business.
It wasn’t until after attending Summit 2014 in Barcelona that Steven’s Synergy business started to take off. The event was a complete “game changer,” Steven said. He attended Summit with his sponsor Ian Smith with the intent to show support for the passing of Presidential Executive William Martin, but by the end of his second day in Barcelona, Steven committed to himself and to Ian that he would spread the word about Synergy WorldWide all over Scotland.
He followed through on his commitment, which was made clear when he qualified for Team Manager Academy 2015 in Austria. After attending this event, he decided to commit even more time to his Synergy business.
“I definitely see my long-term future building Synergy here in Scotland and throughout Europe,” Steven said. “What a difference 18 months can make; I feel better and I have a very exciting Synergy business that is starting to make a difference for distributors and customers alike.”
By consistently becoming Elite Honors qualified and treating a Synergy business like a real business, Team Members can achieve the results they desire, Steven said. He hopes to see everyone in the UK and in Europe at the top and hopes everyone remembers life’s true joys – living, laughing and loving.

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