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Zija International is growing by leaps and bounds. We’re quickly becoming the running giant of 2016 as hundreds of top industry leaders join our ranks. Our reputation as the company to be a part of is stronger than ever and attracts the best and the brightest—a development ensuring our future success.

Zija’s President and CEO, Ryan Palmer, was the logical choice to lead this expanding global corporation. His philosophy of putting field-tested and proven leadership at the forefront shows that he recognizes that a company exists, grows and succeeds in the market because of its number one asset: quality people.

Ryan’s philosophy of ensuring that there’s an opportunity for the smartest, most dedicated people to influence the direction of Zija reveals his commitment to take this company where its capable of going: straight to the top. With Ryan leading Zija, an atmosphere of inclusion and collaboration permeates the corporate culture, in particular within his Executive Team.

With my 26 years of industry experience, nine years on the corporate side (including ownership) and 17 years as a field leader, I’ve learned that the destiny of a company is directly tied to the positive principles and philosophies of its owners and management team. When I joined Zija, my number one criteria was and still is: what is the philosophy and track record of the owner?

Founder and owner Kenneth Brailsford is directly responsible for the personal and financial success of tens of thousands of people. He’s also responsible for tens of billions in collective sales since 1972 (when he co-founded Nature’s Sunshine), along with the success of his other companies. His ability to pick the right people and build a winning corporate infrastructure is not only remarkable, but is the strong foundation of his progressive successes.

As a top industry field leader, my primary focus is on the success of our leadership and the Distributor base. I recently had a personal conversation with Ken Brailsford during which he shared his vision, philosophy, and the principles he has in place to ensure that Zija becomes the generational company every Distributor is looking for.

It’s all built on a foundation of world-class, five-star, life-changing products manufactured at Zija’s state-of-the-art facility in Utah. In Ken’s own words: “We will maintain the highest quality and efficacy in everything we do.


I asked Ken a specific question about serving the interests of the Distributors and the core leadership of the company. With so many companies going out of business, being shut down for compliance issues, or making unilateral changes that seriously hurt Distributors, I wanted to know what distinguishes Zija.

He answered: “Our principles and philosophies are superior and, just as critically, we have the right people in place to execute them. I chose Ryan Palmer as President and CEO because he is the best I have ever worked with, period. Our corporate executives are in the roles they are best suited for; even more importantly, all of our executives operate knowing the Distributors and their needs. Regardless of rank or title, each and every Distributor is our number one asset.


My personal goal this year is to build several new leaders into major income success stories. Some of these people will become seven-figure successes. It takes courage and commitment to become a leader, but I can tell you the most important key to achieving success in our business is knowing with absolute certainty that Zija is the right vehicle.

We have the products, the management, the timing, the compensation plan, and the systems to make countless life-changing success stories possible.

My greatest passion and fulfillment comes from helping others achieve their dreams, goals, and aspirations, and I hope you and I will work closely to share Zija even more successfully this year.


Five of my favorite quotes that define my method of operation as a leader:

You can have everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want – Zig Ziglar

  • Every successful leader understands this principle.

Income does not far exceed personal development, unless we go out where it is, it will likely come back to where we are. – Jim Rohn

  • The successful leader is always evolving and mentoring his or her team.

It is my firm belief that a 50 cent gift given with sincere acknowledgement and recognition, is a thousand times more effective and appreciated than a $1000 gift in a $10 box given with 10 cents worth of recognition. – David Moses

  • The successful leader always gives the credit to his or her team.

Bringing out the best in others is the key. Always shine the light on a person's gifts and unique qualities. The successful leader makes it a habit to empower others with positive affirmations of their strong points. – David Moses

  • The successful leader is always taking action and encouraging the team to do the same.

Action supersedes everything; he or she who takes consistent action will ultimately win. – David Moses

  • Beliefs, goals and dreams are nothing without massive, dedicated action.

SOURCE: David Moses Zija International Crowne Diamond Elite, Top Income Earner 

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