FuXion, On The Road To A Billion Dollar Company

Álvaro Zúñiga, CEO, Fuxion


According to a FuXion press release:

2015 was a year of dynamic change and growth for FuXion.  We expanded to Central America and the Caribbean, we established our conquest of the U.S. market, we launched new products, and we organized Xpectacular international events.

We opened new offices in Guatemala, Nicaragua, the United States, Ecuador, Colombia, Panama, Bolivia, Chile and Peru. Panama and Costa Rica strengthened their markets, placing themselves in a position of solid and expansive growth.

Continuing with this expansive impulse, we entered the United States with the right foot forward as the legend of network marketing, Randy Gage, joined our Company together with his team.  They were attracted by our strong growth, the quality of our products, and the values and spirit of our founding President and CEO, Álvaro Zúñiga, and his corporate team.

This growth and expansion are reflected in the more than 10 million dollars invested on infrastructure.  In addition to office buildings, this includes the construction of FuXionland, an experience center located at the heart of Peru’s Amazon forest, and the building of new factories in the Andean country.

Finally, we closed 2015 with the launch of operations in the Dominican Republic.

FuXion’s growth is supported by our ever-growing product line. This year we added Café Ganomax, Café & Café Fit, Café & Café Fit Cappuccino, Vita Xtra T +, Termo T3.  Furthermore the already-classic Probal and Te Nocarb were debuted with their new formulas which enhance their benefits. Thanks to our investment in research and development we can continually offer new and better products that spread health and wellness.

We opened the year with the incredible Gala Dinner in Las Vegas. We then made a spectacular luxury trip to Dubai, followed by the city of Lima, Peru hosting our Alumbra 2015, an event that gathered thousands of Entrepreneurs from all of our ever-growing markets.

We also organized our Bonus Trip to the paradisiacal beaches of Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic.  After an amazing year of success, more than 400 Entrepreneurs enjoyed an unforgettable vacation in this white sand Caribbean coastland.

The International Night of Success in Quito, Ecuador, closed the year of our events on a high note thanks to the training we received from John Maxwell, and our main leaders, together with Álvaro Zúñiga. We started our Top Leadership Program, which includes personalized mentoring and coaching in order to increase the emotional health of the Top 20 FuXion Entrepreneurs which enables them to continue to be the best field leaders in the industry

FuXion closed the year with sales of 115 million dollars, an amount which confirms our growth and strength.  We celebrated this achievement during the Gala Dinner 2016 in Hawaii, this February.  The best of 2015 was acknowledged, and we received training from great leaders and guests like Edison Ortíz, Luca Melloni, Camilo Cruz and Randy Gage.

Álvaro Zúñiga made a presentation about the rescue of ancient knowledge through biodiversity. FuXion recovers biodiversity elements, which, processed through biotechnology, create our functional products that improve people’s health. Additionally, ancient knowledge is also recovered through the 24 routes of neuroscience, thus obtaining a complete personal transformation of the human being.

Thanks to the investment of millions of dollars in scientific research and development, we have obtained new proteins, new patents, and new products with incomparable advantages. To further these investments, Álvaro announced that the prominent doctor, Ahmed Tafesh, expert in biotechnology and owner of more than 20 patents in bio-nanotechnology, has joined our scientific team. Finally, he talked about his vision for the company to achieve the billion dollar mark in earnings.

Lina Orellana developed and presented FuXion – Our Vision, a group of values and principles based on our promise of True Health. Camilo Cruz, world renowned personal development coach, talked about how to enjoy the path to success. Randy Gage detailed the Business System 2016. Immediately after, the top FuXion leaders, Diamond Millionaires Edison Ortiz and Luca Melloni, discussed their best strategies to get the most out of the FuXion Business System 2016.

Finally, it was announced that Fuxion will expand its borders and will start operations in Europe and will finalize expansion in America and beyond. 2016 and beyond will mark FuXion’s path of growth and transformation, impacting new countries around the world.

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