HopRocket Appoints Randy Schroeder As Master Distributor

Randy Schroeder, HopRocket


Randy Schroeder has earned in excess of $30 million in direct selling commissions. Perhaps most significant is the consistently of this success. In fact Randy has earned in excess of $1 million in annual commissions in 22 of the 26 years since becoming a distributor for the first time.

He has reached the pinnacle of success both as distributor as corporate direct selling executive.

In a message to his community he stated:

I am so very pleased to announce that I have joined HopRocket as Master Distributor.

I recall my early days in direct selling: those were days when members of companies routinely received $1.00 in commissionable volume for each dollar spent in product purchases. In the years since then, there has been a steady increase, industry wide, in price to PV ratios.

The net effect is that it has become increasingly difficult for new members to become profitable quickly. This is a challenge not easily overcome. And, compensation methodologies have gradually transitioned from leadership development platforms to models in which when you enroll and who you are enrolled by makes far too much difference in the new member’s potential outcome

Why is HopRocket the solution? The company has invested in and created proprietary technology which makes the booking of personal travel more cost effective! The easiest recruiting message in HopRocket is this…”Do 50 trial searches for bookings in hotels, anywhere in the world.”

The result will always be the same. In 95% of cases, the HopRocket price will be lower than the same room on any of the, until now, available search engines. In the event that a lower price can be found on the same room, flight, cruise, or other travel experience, the HopRocket low price guarantee assures that still, the HopRocket price is the BEST PRICE!

In a matter of minutes, a first time observer can see and understand why the creation of a customer base in HopRocket is easier to accomplish than anywhere else in direct selling. And, if a customer base can be established, leadership can grow and become substantially profitable in far less time.

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