Top Leader Guillermo Covarrubias Joins Modere

Guillermo Covarrubias, Modere


Guillermo Covarrubias, a networking marketing industry icon, faced hurdles throughout his professional life led him to the success he appreciates today. Guillermo brings nearly 20 years of direct marketing experience to Modere.

Guillermo was born in Mexico, but currently lives with his family on a ranch in Southern California where he trains his horses to dance.

“What brought me to Modere? The idea of clean living and the unique business model of social retail. But it was more than that,” Guillermo explained.

“Your leaders, like Robert Conlee and Justin Serra, are some of the hardest working people I have ever seen. I deeply respect them.

They work hard so that those of us in the field can see the benefits. The new executives that recently joined Modere also bring extraordinary leadership and vast experience.”

When Guillermo attended a Modere conference, he said,

“I could just feel the electricity. I could see Modere’s quick action and commitment to support the Spanish speaking markets and I knew this was where I needed to be.”

Guillermo climbed the ladder with his first company, attaining their highest rank and making his first six-figure monthly income. He most recently achieved the maximum level with a large billion-dollar company and became an influential part of a strong, Spanish market. Now, his journey brings him to Modere.

“We couldn’t be more excited to have Guillermo on board,” expressed Robert Conlee, CEO of Modere.

“His decades of experience and massive success is a testament to his leadership skills and heart for helping others win.”

When asked how he got his start, Guillermo said, “I was never a professional marketer. I worked in a factory for 20 years and one day, when the factory shut down, I lost my job. I quickly started a new job, but I already felt like it was time for a change.”

At his new job, Guillermo met someone who noticed he had great people skills. He saw that Guillermo had great relationships with everyone around him and invited him to look at a networking marketing venture. Guillermo quickly realized he wanted the freedom to be his own boss and eventually became an industry leader.

“I had a lot of debt, I didn’t own a home, or a car, and I was divorced. When I started my network marketing career, those first few checks were enough to get rid of the debt, feed my kids, and relieve stress. I love this business and I am so grateful for the person who first introduced me to it. Now it’s my turn to help others.”

Guillermo’s career has demonstrated his commitment and staying power. He now considers Modere his final home.

“Guillermo is a multi-million dollar earner, which is rare enough, but to have accomplished the highest levels of leadership at two of the top companies in the industry truly sets him apart. I believe he will be a pillar for the Latino community at Modere,”

said Justin Serra, Modere General Manager.

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