Sebastian Greenwood – OneCoin Global Master Distributor Interview

Sebastian Greenwood, OneCoin, Global Master Distributor


Sebastian Greenwood is the man behind the curtain, Global Master Distributor and a leader not many people know, however for an important part responsible for OneCoin's global success.

A multi million dollar earner, since 2003 involved into network marketing.

What was your decision factor on taking on the OneCoin opportunity as a master distributor?

First time I met CEO and founder Dr. Ruja Ignatova, discussing cryptocurrency, I had no real understanding of the industry and what cryptocurrency actually is. After several meetings and discussions with her, I understood that she is extremely knowledgable and I learnt and still do a lot about how the fin-tech companies like OneCoin can change the world of remittances and the way people handle transactions online and can benefit by this innovative concept.

I realized that having millions of people and followers around the world for this currency is crucial. That is when I decided to join her vision and take on the challenge to build the fastest and biggest network all supporting the vision of Dr. Ruja to create the biggest cryptocurrency in the industry.

How is OneCoin as a company developing as a global network?

We have successfully attracted close to 2 million members world wide so far and the success is of course mainly due to a clear and strong concept as OneCoin that is easily duplicated and backed up by a strong management run by Dr.Ruja.

We as a network could never have built so fast and big without the companies full support. I am honored to work with such a concept and with a company that is so professional and understanding the needs of a network development.

How do you see OneCoin in the next coming years?

I see the developments that the company has achieved and are achieving according to the outlines plan by the company. I can only say this network will duplicate in the millions the next coming years with all new exiting developments being provided by the company. Would not be surprised if we are close to 10 million members in the next 24 months.

Sebastian Greenwood

Sebastian Greenwood - Global Master Distributor OneCoin

Can you describe yourself in 3 – 5 words?

To describe myself in 3 -5 words is not that easy, but I would say that I am very dedicated, hard working and have a passion for building people; that explains actually who I am.

Do you have a secret side?

I think the secret to who I am and the secret side that I might have is I never ever give up that is a philosophy that are always had in my life be it professionally be it privately. I'll never ever ever give up until I get the results I want.

Are you easy to talk with?

I am a good listener I listen to people because without listening to people I don't really know exactly what I can do to help them so I'm a good listener and I think that is what are the key success factors when you're building people is to take your time be patient and listen to what they have to say.

What is your biggest why?

I think that what drives me the most and why I'm here on this planet is that I want to develop big things. I’ve always liked to build a lot of big things even as a small child I like to build a lot of Lego and I always built it very big, castles or spaceships.

I always really had a passion for building big things and this is why I think that I'm here to build people to make success.

How did you get involved into the Network Marketing Business?

So the network marketing business is a very special industry and I was introduced by a very special person back in 2003 when I was doing traditional business working for traditional companies in the finance industry and I got very inspired by the industry in terms of how fast people can change their lives and I was at a stage of my life where I wanted to change my life.

I was really taking that step to find a better way for me to have control over my life so one of my mentors at that early stage introduced me to the business of network marketing and a company and he showed me the beginning, the first steps on how to succeed in the industry.

Since then I've had a lot of mentors unfortunately most of them are or dead already but there is so many goods mentors from the past that actually showed me the way and gave me the purpose of how to develop the industry of network marketing.

Do you have a mentor?

I believe in having finding a good mentor is a must if you're going to succeed in the industry of network marketing.

Did you have success immediately in business?

Well when I joined the industry of network marketing I for sure did not have easy success. It took quite a few failures actually took me five failures before I made success so I joined five different opportunities and I really tried to work hard listen to my mentors but there was something missing inside me.

I had not released the power within me and it took me five opportunities, five different companies to actually really make success but I remember that day when I made the success and I got a paycheck which was over $100,000. This was a very special day for me.

Is personal development important for you?

I would say personal development is a really key topic to discuss it when you talk about developing yourself because everybody meets people in traditional business, people in sports, meet people in network marketing. Personal development is the only path for you to grow as an individual. So I would say it's very important at least for me and my success and where I am today to really take person development as a key part of my life.

How do you stay motivated?

I would say working as hard as you do in this industry especially when you're at the top, there are a lot of people that you always are in communication with 24/7. Which means that in a global situation speed is not really what motivates you.  What motivates you is to see people grow.

I can build people to grow. They get success. that is success for me. My biggest motivation is to take people into the industry of network marketing and a good opportunity and give them the success they deserved. That is what motivates.

What are you daily routines?

My daily routines, they change from time to time depending where I am. I don’t have a fixed set up daily routines but what I try and do is in the morning of course for four or five hours of sleep  I really try and get 30 to 40 minutes in the gym every single day.

That's something that is important for me because working as hard as you do in this industry your health is very important so I tried to go to the gym as much as I can also try and do some activities outside like for example I had a passion for golf and also have a passion for sailing. Unfortunately when you are growing so big in a company and in an opportunity there is no time to really take care of your hobbies so those daily routines will not happen until probably later when I can retire.

But getting up in the morning and going to the gym is very important for me making my leader calls just after breakfast is very important to catch up with the people who are in that time zone where I am actually and then of course getting the people in my local area to come and see me and we do the follow up on all the plans and developments and the strategies that we've set for the week.

We always do weekly strategies so these are some routines that I have in in my life of course but they do change from where I am in the world.

What advice might you have for the person who has yet to have success?

I think for anybody who wants to get success and change their life especially in the world of network marketing, you need to find a very good sponsor or a very good mentor who can show you the path. You need to find your inner power; you need to reveal the inner power inside you. Now that is not the easiest thing to do in the beginning because first of all you need to believe in yourself.

Believing in yourself is the first key step to success then of course if you're running with a good opportunity and you have a good sponsor or a good mentor that is of course a very good step for success and of course one of the most important key elements that made me successful and they can also make you successful is never ever, ever give up.

In your personal opinion, tell us the good, the bad, and the ugly of network marketing.

The industry of network marketing obviously has it's good, it's bad, it's ugly elements. Now what we talked about the ugly elements of network marketing of course unfortunately there are many opportunities that failed.

The ugly side of the businesses for a distributor to join an opportunity that is not 100% a good opportunity and they bring in teams into these opportunities and they fail.

This is the ugly side of the business it happens very often. Unfortunately too often. When it comes to the good side of the business we can see the fantastic things of life changing experiences people who had a nine-to-five job from the past day-to-day work more than nine to five of course but they're earning probably ten times the income they did in their old job.

Obviously their lifestyle is always – how to say-  increasing with the success they have. That is of course a challenge as well you need to maintain a lifestyle even after an opportunity. There is a huge – how to say – element of personal development that you really need to focus on once you're stepping up that ladder of success.

That is one interesting part and the good thing about the industry because it's changing hundreds of thousands of people's lives and their lifestyles and the families of those people that is what the industry can do now.The bad thing is of course that we can also see from these people who work so hard they might not have taken the opportunity the right way. Yet again we understand that there are flaws with for example sponsorships.

If you just sponsor people and you don't take care of them then of course that is the bad side of the business. When you take in people into a business into an opportunity they become like your children.It's your responsibility to take care of them 100% and to make them success if they don't make success you as a sponsor will not make success.

It's very important that you  listen and learn the ropes of the big mentors in the industry and how you can adapt to those techniques and find your own success.

What is your experience with Latin America?

Latin America is a fantastic region, I mean it's a great part of the world, it's very vibrant. The people are very loyal, they really believe in family values and it's a really kind of vibe in the air. I don't have very much experience in Latin America, is actually my second time in the Latin American market, and developing the opportunity that I have today.

I can see that the Latin American people have a very strong passion for building strong solid and fruitful teams, so I really will invest time in this area of the world to make sure that the teams are growing to their fullest potential. I believe in Latin America.

Are you excited to see how OneCoin grows in Latin America?

When we talk about the success of OneCoin and we'll talk about Latin America, Latin America's only opened up about three months ago so you know nothing happens overnight but we have grown in the last three months in a way where we're building a foundation for the future growth.

It's all about duplication so when you build a foundation of solid knowledge of how to do the business of how to actually run with the business that is what we're gonna see the big development into the Latin American market. I believe for sure 2016 will be the year for Latin America and for OneCoin.

What are your future plans?

Hopefully we have done a very good job with OneCoin and we've developed substantial parts of the world and I believe I can see myself in five years time focusing more on things that I have not been able to focus on during this years of hard work in network marketing. I will assure start looking into my passions like I mentioned before I want to play golf, sailing, take care of my family and friends but of course there's gonna be new opportunities that I might look into.

I'm going to be very selective, and I've been very selective in the past. I have not had to take on an opportunity sold so fast like I did in the beginning of 2003.I believe that in five years time it's hard to say but I am now totally focused on the success of the opportunity we have today which is OneCoin and this is going to be the maximum opportunity that I have ever put my efforts into before.

I think after that I need some time to relax, take care of my family and start focusing on what I'm going to do for the rest of my life 🙂


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