Unicity Latino Announces Its Entrance Into The Latin American Market

Stewart Hughes, Unicity, CEO


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Unicity Latino is excited to announce its entrance into the Latin American market. As one of the most respected network marketing companies in the world, Unicity International has successfully helped people from all walks of life improve their health, relationships, and lives.

Through UnicityLatino.com, Unicity is providing an unprecedented, low-risk opportunity for Latino entrepreneurs to get in on the ground floor of an exciting new movement.

According to Stewart Hughes, Unicity CEO, UnicityLatino.com is poised to positively impact millions of lives in the Latin American market.

“I am committed to doing whatever it takes to be a dominant player in North, Central and South America.

Unicity has the right mix of management expertise, field leadership and financial resources to do something that’s never been done before and make life better for millions of people.”

In order to best serve Latinos throughout the Americas, Unicity is reimagining all of its materials from the ground up. Through extensive training and personal-growth resources, this movement is primed to help members improve their lives and enrich the lives of people around them.

Unicity Latino’s focus is on improving the lives of the Latino community in the areas that matter most. Members will learn how to be better people, better spouses, better parents, better friends, better community contributors, better providers, and enjoy better health, earnings, and well-being.

Momentum behind the Unicity Latino movement is already building.

Todd Smith, UnicityTodd Smith, $28 million-dollar career earner said,

“The stars are lined up and something really special has begun. I’ve talked to more high-level leaders in the last 30 days than in the last 10 years. People are excited about being part of our movement.

Industry legend and Triple Diamond Jim Fobair says,

“The Latino leaders who get started now with Unicity Latino will enjoy one of the greatest opportunities I’ve seen in my 34-year career as a network marketing professional.”

Anyone in the Latino community who is passionate about improving their own lives and the lives of their family and friends is invited to learn more about this one of a kind opportunity.

Get to know Unicity Latino and learn how becoming a member can lead to huge life improvements by visiting UnicityLatino.com.

About Unicity

Headquartered in Orem, Utah and driven by more than 100 years of enterprise, Unicity empowers its employees, distributors, and customers to achieve their aspirations. Focusing on both physical health and personal development, Unicity’s proven products and structured business opportunity have helped thousands of people around the world exemplify our corporate motto to Make Life Better.

Recognized as one of the Top 500 Privately-held Businesses in the United States—ranked 87th on the national level and First in the state of Utah—Unicity stands as an industry leader for both nutritional supplements and business development. For more information please visit www.unicity.com

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