Abire Benameur Reaches Vice President Rank With DubLi Network

Abide Benameur, Dubli Network


First Woman to Reach Prestigious Rank in the MENA Region

DubLi Network, the world’s largest e-commerce network marketing company through its Cash Back shopping platform, DubLi.com, today announced that Abire Benameur has reached the second highest ranking in the company, Vice President.

Ms. Benameur is the first woman to reach the Vice President rank in the Middle East/North Africa (MENA) region, an important growth market for DubLi Network and an emerging e-commerce hub in North Africa.

Ted Nuyten, had the opportunity to interview DubLi Network´s Vice President, Abire Benameur.

BFH: Ms. Benameur, DubLi Network has announced that you are the first female Vice President from the MENA region. We congratulate you! Not only have you contributed to the advancement of women in leadership roles but you have also reached the second most important leadership position with DubLi Network. What is your formula for success?

My formula for success is simple. First, I set a clear, measurable goal for myself. Second, I assign a target deadline for meeting each goal. And, finally, I do whatever it takes to achieve it.

My dreams tend to become my personal obsessions, and I believe that when I focus on them and work hard towards achieving them, they become my reality.

BFH: We often see Network Marketing creating equal opportunities for both men and women. How would you describe the impact this industry has on the career progression of women and what recommendations do you have for other women who are looking to enter this industry?

Before I entered this industry, I always heard that Network Marketing is a business suitable for women as it allows us to work from home and, thus, spend more time with our families. However, this business is not just for women. I believe this business is suitable for anyone and everyone as it allows freedom and flexibility, regardless of an individual’s personal lifestyle or situation.

It can be worked from wherever and however someone chooses. Network Marketing is an exceptional opportunity for women because it emphasizes the power of word-of-mouth, something we all do daily anyway. Naturally, with Network Marketing, we get paid for doing what we are already doing.

Abide Benameur - DubLi Network VP

BFH: Ms. Benameur, as a leader with DubLi Network, you are also creating future leaders who are empowered with the knowledge that anything is possible. How do you mentor and what advice do you provide to others?

The first principal I teach all my associates is that anyone can achieve their dreams. The dream, however, should first be well defined and written out. This way it is transformed into a measurable goal. It may take time to realize a dream, but if they continue to pursue it with a passion and a belief the system, they will achieve it and many time more than they expected. My best advice to everyone and what I tell my team is: Never STOP until you make it. Change your plan, not your dream.

BFH: What has been the greatest challenge in your career and how did you overcome it? Which skills played a crucial role in doing so?

We all go through challenges in life, but challenges are lessons that teach us and make us stronger. Challenges mean little after you’ve achieved your goals. They become forgotten thoughts of the past. One of the key principles I teach my team is to focus on family relations. Family is our foundation. It provides security, particularly during challenging times. It is important to understand that life is not all about business and that a grounded foundation in both business and family are complementary and provide the recipe for success.

I teach my team to support each other. We are not in competition; we are a team and success for one is success for all. Take time to learn; you can never learn too much. And, especially learning the DubLi Network system as it provides the underpinnings for our entire business model of duplication. The secret to duplication is applying the system and then leading by example.

BFH: You are from Morocco. Where do you see your country in terms of e-commerce growth by 2020?

My country continues to evolve throughout every industry. E-commerce, especially, can never be neglected as it is the lifeblood of every business today. Any company not employing some form of e-commerce will not survive the next five years.

I am a proud Moroccan. I believe that Morocco will be the leading African nation by 2020. We have already proved how progressive we are with the ability to change our culture and generate government support. I believe that Morocco is just now starting to establish itself as a world leader and eventually our products and services will be available to every home worldwide.

BFH: What are your next goals for your DubLi Network business and how will you go about achieving them?

I have lofty goals for my DubLi Network business, and they start with supporting my team and helping them to achieve higher ranks first. Nothing would make me happier than to see my team reach their goals and dreams.  On a personal level, my goal is to become the first woman Senior Vice President in the MENA region. And, while it goes without saying, my plan is to continue to develop my DubLi Network business in both Africa and the European market.

About DubLi Network

DubLi Network is a sophisticated, e-commerce network marketing company based on Cash Back shopping and travel, and the global leader in providing e-business network marketing opportunities to Independent Business Associates in almost 100 countries. DubLi Network offers Business Associates an opportunity earn an income by marketing its online Cash Back shopping portal and selling premium memberships through DubLi.com. For more information, visit www.dublinetwork.com.

DubLi.com is a global leader in online shopping and Cash Back rewards to customers worldwide. DubLi is emerging as a leading e-commerce platform offered through network marketing, currently serving customers in more than 120 countries. E-shoppers can browse through different categories, which feature international and local brands, travel, coupons, discounts and vouchers. DubLi has adapted its multilingual and multi-regional e-commerce platform to serve multiple international markets in local language and currency to strengthen its global e-commerce presence and encourage sales in its countries of operation. Depending on the market, DubLi.com features the world’s most popular brands including Amazon.in, Walmart, Nike, Hotels.com and Expedia.

Since its founding by Michael Hansen in 2003, DubLi has offered entrepreneurs the opportunity to create their own distributor organization by joining the direct sales company, DubLi Network. The global network of independent distributors generates traffic and the resulting sales to DubLi.com as well as markets a variety of memberships.

DubLi and DubLi Network are subsidiaries of Ominto, Inc. and are headquartered in Seattle, Washington.

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