David And Gabriela Marsalek – SevenPoint2 Hit Black Diamond

David Marsalek, Gabriela Marsalek, SevenPoint2


SevenPoint2 celebrates its very first Black Diamond Team Leaders in Europe – David and Gabriela Marsalek

David Marsalek, who lives in the Czech Republic with his wife Gabriela and 2 children, Christopher and Klaudie, has recently reached the position of Black Diamond Team Leader with March sales over $150,000 group volume.

With no previous MLM experience, David and Gabriela have risen to a top leadership position going through many challenges setting up the SevenPoint2 European HQ and the warehouse in the Czech Republic.

David says:

“Being with the company since the very beginning, it took us 4 years to take this big start-up jumbo jet off the ground and to become the very first Black Diamonds in Europe.

Our aim is to help millions of people to be able to take control over their health and financial freedom. With our unique alkaline products powered by molecular hydrogen it won’t be so difficult.

Since we have already figured out how to market our powerful products, the sky is no limit for us!”

“Thanks to our wonderful team leaders in Czech, Slovak and Hungary who are doing a great job helping us to build the next billion dollar giant, and our fantastic management based in the U.S.A., we will make this company the very first and only of its kind, like no other one.”

“Our focus is the fact that SevenPoint2 is not just about exceptional products or making money, it is also very much about personal growth and development.”

About SevenPoint2

SevenPoint2 is led by the Jason Boreyko – CEO and Dr. Howard Cohn – CPO. The company pre-launched in Newport Beach, California on October 1st, 2011. SevenPoint2 has its head offices in Newport Beach, California, USA.

You can find more information on following websites: www.sevenpoint2.cz and www.sevenpoint2.com


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