Mark Comer – Synergy Worldwide Achieves Triple Presidential Executive

Mark Comer, Synergy Worldwide


Synergy WorldWide awards first-ever Triple Presidential Executive title to Mark Comer.

In one of the most successful rank advancement months in the company’s history, Synergy WorldWide awarded top leader Mark Comer, a Synergy pioneer, with one of the first-ever Triple Presidential Executive titles. This new title signifies Synergy’s continuing growth around the world and has raised the bar for distributors aiming to reach the top.

Though Mark has started and contributed to more than 50 businesses in his lifetime, he maintains that his most rewarding enterprise is with Synergy WorldWide. Mark's Synergy career began as a distributor in 2002 after founder Dan Higginson introduced him to the budding company.

This was Mark’s first and last network marketing company. Since their conversation, Synergy has grown exponentially. In the summer of 2008, Mark became the first Double Presidential Executive in Synergy history. And in March of 2016, he and his partner Yun Tae Hwang, who Mark personally sponsored into Synergy, both became the first-ever Triple Presidential Executives.

Prior to joining Synergy WorldWide, Mark founded several companies in multiple industries and became a millionaire in five different business sectors. He has been involved in the creation of multiple entrepreneurial initiatives and venture-capitalized startups located on every continent. Mark has ridden motorcycles, surfed, and played in a rock band on nearly every continent. He is a best-selling author, philanthropist, business strategist, and entrepreneur expert.

Mark is still heavily involved in a handful of his own companies, promoting everything from fundraisers for youth groups to sunflower seeds to medical services. Mark is also founder of the 5 Star Legacy Foundation, which aims to break the cycle of poverty in underprivileged communities through literacy, scholarships for higher education, and self-reliance through entrepreneurism. This is just one of the many ways Mark is leaving his legacy. No matter what ventures Mark is involved in, he said he finds a way to make all of them tie back to his Synergy business. Synergy is at the center of his success.

During the Internet boom, Mark started an online mall that he said was one of his most exciting business ventures. The company was a huge success, but, looking back, Mark realizes he didn’t have the same satisfaction then that he currently finds in his Synergy business.

“The Synergy business is a personal business,” Mark said.

“You are helping people on such a personal level to change their health, change their family’s health, and you are giving them the opportunity to create a livelihood for their family unlike anything else they’ve ever done before.”

In Mark’s mind, Synergy’s corporate team “gets it,” which means everyone from customer service agents to the president understands that the key to success is supplying distributors and customers with the tools necessary to succeed. Distributors have the vehicle to find success, they just need to jump in and drive, he said. He encourages distributors to expect hard work, but to also expect unimaginable rewards as a result. With Synergy, the Team Member dictates the level of success they want to achieve.

“I met a girl a few years ago that told me she would become a Presidential Executive,” Mark said. “She worked really hard and two years later she did it. Sharing just a little in her success is more exciting to me than anything I’ve ever done. It’s about what people have been able to do in my organization and their life-changing experiences.”

About Synergy WorldWide

Synergy WorldWide was founded in 1999 by Dan Higginson who had a company vision to help individuals “Leave a Legacy” through high-quality, scientifically proven products and a unique business opportunity that rewarded teamwork. Since first establishing business roots in Japan, Synergy has grown to thrive in 28 countries, spanning Asia, Europe, North America, and the South Pacific.

Synergy is a wholly owned subsidiary of Nature’s Sunshine Products, a company that is publicly traded on the NASDAQ and has been a giant in the nutritional supplement industry since its founding in 1972. Throughout its history, Synergy WorldWide has embraced technologies, testing procedures, and manufacturing processes to ensure that its innovative, science-based formulas unlock your health and lifestyle potential.

The recent opening of The Hughes Center for Research and Innovation in February 2015 created a unique environment where Synergy scientists, researchers, and medical professionals have access to state-of-the-art equipment to continue the pursuit of scientific discovery, to create unique product formulations, and to perform clinical studies to validate their safety and efficacy.

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