Sophie Chung Appointed As Master Distributor For Wor(l)d GN South Korea

Sophie Chung,  Wor(l)d GN, South Korea


According to a Wor(l)d GN press release:

Sophie Chung elected as Master Distributor of  Wor(l)d Global Network for South Korea.

Wor(l)d Global Network has partnered with 7 time Korean national speech champion and multi-level marketing success leader Sophie Chung to launch cutting edge technology products in South Korea. 

Inspired by CEO Fabio Galdi’s vision, Sophie Chung has made it her mission to bring the Best of the Best in network marketing to South Korea. 

Being the youngest of five, Sophie has always held a passion for delivering her message and being heard. Her ability to draw in the attention of others caught the eye of her speech coach, a former writer for the President of South Korea.

Noticing Sophie’s talent immediately as a speaker, she had been submitted into numerous competition’s leaving every debate with a first place trophy in hand. This eventually led to her being crowned 7 consecutive years as the all-time undefeated National Champion of South Korea for speech. 

Wor(l)d Global Network want to disrupt and revolutionize the industry with customer centred, high value technology products launching early 2017 in Seoul, South Korea. Fabio Galdi's global vision and genius in execution is perfectly matched with Sophie's extensive field and corporate network marketing experience to create massive sales unprecedented in the industry. 

A warm welcome to Sophie Chung, the passionate Master Distributor of the Wor(l)d Global Network of South Korea.

About WOR(l)D GN

WOR(l)D also referred to as World GN is a global multi million dollar company that offers services in the telecommunications, renewable energy, technology and mobile Telecommunication.

Its current headquarters is in the United States with its major offices in the United States, United Kingdom, Russia, Moscow, Ireland, China and Singapore.

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