Direct Selling A $250 Billion Industry

Direct Selling Industry


According to the USA Direct Selling Association and the World Federation Of Direct Selling Associations, (WFDSA) the market is $183 billion worldwide with 103 million distributors. (Year 2015)

However the WFDSA measure their members only and the majority of Direct Selling companies are not members.

There are more than 10,000+ Direct Selling companies worldwide, many of them in Asia and China, under the radar and are in the $25 – $100+ million sales range.

We research on an ongoing basis the sales / revenue of companies for 2015. 

Please log a support ticket if you want to share company revenue information.

If we estimate revenue, based on the information we have, we tend to do so on the low side. Holdings with a multi channel strategy (Vorwerk) or with ownership in several companies (JRJR Networks) we split out.

Based on below figures for 500+ companies, we are pretty sure the total market exceeds $250 Billion 🙂

Revenue is in $USA and in millions.



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