Morinda Launching Essential Oils Line

Kerry Assay, CEO, Morinda


The introduction of essential oils sent the direct sales industry spinning. With every company jumping on the essential oils bandwagon, however, the excitement has waned and the industry has gone dull once more but not for long.

Morinda is combining the seed oil from the Tahitian Noni fruit with other essential oil must-haves to create an industry-changing line of essential blends that will hit the market this month.

While Morinda is not known as one of the big players in the essential oils game, they've historically been a provider of the Tahitian Noni Seed Oil for more than 19 years. This product has undergone several scientific studies that have found the oil to have remarkable transdermal delivery properties and deep moisturizing benefits.

Noni seed oil is historically known to provide soothing and therapeutic benefits while naturally enhancing other treatments, said Cecilia Salvesen, Morinda's expert third-party therapeutic healthcare advisor. The Tahitian Noni Essential Oils are the only oils that have been formulated to incorporate the powerful and valuable properties of the noni seed.

Morinda has patented the process of extracting oil from noni seeds, making them the only company that can make and sell this product.

We're ready to make an impact on the essential oils industry, said Shon Whitney, Morinda's VP of Sales & Marketing. We've been on sidelines of this industry for 19 years… it's time we show the world what noni seed oil is all about.

Morinda will be launching six Tahitian Noni Essential Oil blends this month as their second Limited-Time Offer-or LTO-product. This means that the blends will only be available to qualifying Morinda Independent Product Consultants-or IPCs-for a few days.

The IPCs who got in on the LTO will then be the exclusive distributors of these oils for six months. The blends-Relax, Breathe, Relief, Energize, Fortify and Recover-will then be available for general purchase through all Morinda sales channels.

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