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Chris Terry, CEO, Founder, imarketslive


International Markets Live, Inc. (iMarketslive) provides a full array of retail trading products and services to a global audience for those who want to participate in the Forex & Futures Markets.

In July of 2013, successful trader, Christopher Terry, took his 18 years of trading education and married it to direct sales and launched a network-marketing arm to market his educational and SAAS (Software As A Service) trading platform.

Chris had one goal in mind; to take his trading expertise and over 40 custom models and hand-deliver it to individuals around the world. Terry is most recognized for educating students on his live trade room, speaking at major trading expos and for being cited in various trading journals and exposés. 

iMarketsLive has experienced some incredible bursts of momentum with the additions of what have now become their most popular educational and trading SAAS (Software As A Service) platform.

  • The harmonic scanner: a tool that scans the market 24 hours a day for high-probability trading opportunities. This tool has become a globally popular platform that does all the trade analysis and provides the Pattern, The Entry, Stop, and Take Profit targets as well as Trade Size and Percentage Risk. (See Chart Example)

  • FxSignalsLive: a hands free mirror-trading platform that allows clients to grow their money over an extended period of time. is a 100% Hands Free “Set it and Forget it” platform for both the trader and investor.


  • The Live Trading & Educational Room: provides up to 20+ hours a week of hands on, practical trading education in a virtual setting, this includes weekly webinars and video educational classes. This is an 18 year old Service that Christopher Terry had founded in 1998.

Recently Terry has added his “Daily Swing Trades” to the subscription, which provides all of his clients with a trade setup 3-5x per week accompanied by a chart analysis and a fully detailed video breakdown. This service gives the end user the ability to learn and earn on a daily basis. 

Also joining the line of services is the highly anticipated iML Academy, which is a growing educational library that helps guide aspiring and experienced traders through the knowledge and strategies necessary to capitalize in the current marketplace trends. 

Terry has plans to introduce other exclusive services and products over the next few years and is currently finishing the final touches on what he believes will become one of the favorites for a majority of his users – “The “iML Swipe Trading App!

”This new proprietary Swipe Trading App will empower people around the globe to execute trades hands on while being guided by an experienced trader. I believe this technology will raise the bar completely,”

As a student of trends, Terry, realizes that both the novice and experienced trader is looking for a solid mobile centric app to increase their trading abilities. The new STA (Swipe Trading App) will give the individual a chance to copy and paste the master trader’s analysis in coordination with the MetaTrader4 application, both on IOS and Android based smart devices. 

Also, in concert with the new mobile STA, iMarkets Live is releasing a very powerful platform Terry is calling iMarketsLive TV, “This service will provide a multi-language, multi-channel platform that will bring value and education to a whole new level for all iML students and subscribers by using out start of the art translation feature that will allow any customer from any country that speaks any language to participate in our educational services platform.

Furthermore, iMarketsLive has recently introduced a unique compensation model that is centered around customer acquisition, putting a majority of the focus on those who want to learn and take advantage of the company’s many platforms and services. This new program is created to reward the iML affiliates, while truly building the IML subscription base of novice and experienced trader who just want to use the iML products and services. 

When asked why he chose to introduce a network marketing sales channel to market the iMarketsLive services, Terry explained,

“I realized how powerful our products and services are and how much I could add to it over time. But what I also realized is that in today’s economy not everyone has the financial stability and capital to participate in the markets.

I come from the old school. I was involved in Amway many years ago and have always loved the idea of working in a team environment, building a culture of excellence and of course creating a steady residual income stream. I knew that if we added a network marketing compensation plan to our affiliate model, we could allow people to take their residual income and put it into the markets… that’s a powerful concept.”

In April, after witnessing well known companies in the direct sales/network marketing space go under the regulatory microscope, Terry brought the Law Firm of Reese, Poyfair and Richards, one of the most well respected firms, to the table. Together they decided to take a proactive step to adjust the company’s model and become a mirror image of the new industry wide customer acquisition standard.

The adjustment, as expected, was loved by most and scrutinized by a handful. However, Terry and many of the field leaders knew that the change was positive, necessary and very good for the company’s long term stability.

 “My goal is to make iMarketsLive a world class brand,” says Terry.

“I want to be a leader when it comes to innovation. I am investing back into the company to make sure we are the best of the best when it comes to compliance, technology, education, support and compensation.”

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Get more information, facts and figures about IM Academy, click here for the IM Academy overview.

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  1. I have been with IML for a year and a half now, have learnt EVERYTHING through IML, and have profited through the services, but I put the work in.

    I have a telegram channel right now with over 1200 people on it where i help people on a daily basis and send them analysis, all thanks to IML!

    IML is AMAZING!! Simply put!!!

    Realise that within this journey, hard work needs to be put in and you need to completely switch your mentality to a business person’s mentality. However, if you are serious, coachable and consistent, you put yourself in a position to make money!!

    Check on my instagram, I have posted a video of Chris Terry and what he did for us when he came down to London!!!

    I’d be happy to guide anyone further and help them out, don’t be shy, drop me a message on instagram!

    Insta: @PipsOfPersia

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