Norman Cornejo – Zrii Achieves $5 Million In Commissions

Norman Cornejo, Zrii


Zrii Celebrates its first $5 Million earner, Norman Cornejo, Zrii Ruby, reaches monumental milestone.

At a recent company leadership event in the Bahamas, Zrii, Inc., recognized Norman Cornejo, as the first of its Independent Executives to reach $5 million in career earnings with the company. Cornejo, a Ruby in Zrii, beamed from the stage as more than 1,100 friends and peers celebrated his achievement.

Cornejo joined Zrii in April 2009, before the company had even launched in his home country. “A few months after he signed up with Zrii, I remember telling Norman that we didn’t yet have plans for Zrii in Latin America,” recalled Zrii Founder & CEO Bill Farley.

“I also remember telling him that if he worked hard, we’d support him. We always work to keep our promises, and today we’re proud to note that most Zrii products are registered in his country, and that market already has two Zrii offices, with a third on its way.

We’re so proud of Norman and what he’s been able to accomplish!”

“When I first met Norman I could tell right away he was a very special leader,” said A.K. Khalil, Zrii’s president.

“I’ve worked with Norman over the past four years, and one thing I love about him is that when he puts his mind to something, no one can stop him.”

In February 2013 Cornejo became Zrii’s first 10-Star Executive in Latin America, and just a year and a half later he advanced to the rank of Ruby, one of only 5 such Zrii leaders worldwide.

“Norman was the first person to become a member of Zrii’s $1 Million Club, which now has almost a dozen members,” said Khalil, “And now that he’s the first to reach $5 million, I know it won’t be long before many more follow.”

When asked for his perspective, Cornejo eagerly shared:

“We show people by example that in this industry we keep our promises—people can make their dreams reality.”

Cornejo credits his team and their passion for helping him reach this milestone. “Even though I had a clear vision of what I wanted to do, there were challenges,” he continued. “I realize now that the challenges were necessary so I could continue to develop and grow as a person.”

On stage that night in the Bahamas, Cornejo asserted that he and his team are not done: They’re continuing to help others work and advance within Zrii. It’s something he’s enjoyed since those early days with the company, in 2009, and something he continues to embrace today and into a bright future.

About ZRII

Zrii, LLC, was founded in 2008 with the goal of helping people Live Without Limits™. Its flagship product is The Original Amalaki™ juice, based on the Amalaki fruit, long revered in Ayurveda. Other phenomenal products followed, including the September 2016 introduction of a complete day-into-night skincare system, called ZriiNew™.

Now a networking force in 19 countries around the globe, Zrii also helps individuals and families fuel an active lifestyle and reach their dreams through personal growth and financial opportunity.

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