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Alex Morton


Alex Morton:

In the last 5 years I have done thousands and thousands of meetings. Whether they've been 1 on 1, 2 on 1, small group, 50 person launch events, boardroom with 22 six and seven figure earners, all the way to speaking in front of several thousands of people at a time in Las Vegas, Austria, Germany, Colombia, Mexico, etc. 

Communication is everything.

How you carry yourself is everything. The energy, vibration, & aurora you give off to others can be the deciding factor between closing the deal & it falling through. 

  • How do you control the room?
  • How do you influence others?
  • How do you turn strangers into family?
  • How do you create power phrases?
  • How do you raise the belief level?
  • How do you become magical? 
  • How do you become a leader of leaders?


* Always make strong eye contact with the people or persons in the meeting. Eye contact shows confidence in a subtle way. 

* The meeting starts before the meeting. Arrive early. Shake peoples hands, kiss the babies, get to know everyone. Ask good questions. Find out what's going to motivate the crowd, what are their hot buttons, what problem can you help them solve. Know your audience. 

* Your voice can be your greatest asset. Use voice inflections when you need to make a strong point. Have the ability to speed up, as well as slow down. Utilize dramatic pausing to emphasis a statement. Use your voice to take the audience / prospects on an emotional journey. Humans are emotional creatures, connect with them. 

* Don't be afraid to physically touch people. Not in a creepy way, but in a way that will increase your chances of closing the deal. I always put my arm around people, rub their back. Shake their hands but also give them hugs. I didn't make this up. I've studied the mannerisms of multi-millionaires. Guess what, they touch people. It's a sign of trust. It's a sign of friendship. Rub those backs. Be warm. Don't be cold, stand offish, and unapproachable. 

* Paint the vision for a better life to the prospects,living room, convention center.  If their is no dream, there is no action. Most people don't know how to dream. Do it for them. Houses, cars, bank accounts, travel, lifestyle, charity, impact. Paint a vivid picture of what is possibile when they partner with you. Buy your product or service, join your movement.

* Create some pain. Aren't you sick and tired of being sick & tired? Being told when to show up, go home, & let someone else put a price tag on your head? Some people say that's out of line or disrespectful. Bullshit. It's reality. It's your job to wake people up. Increase their awareness. Break them down, & then build them back up. Make them discover their inner greatness. When people play small it doesn't do anyone any good. 

* Act as if. I know some of you are saying, Easy for you to say. Incorrect. I acted as if I was making $10,000/month when I was eating Taco Bell for dinner. Someone asks you how much money you're earning, tell them, If I told you how much money I was earning you wouldn't even believe me! Easy. Done. It's not what you're earning, it's what you're going to earn. 

* Smile. Be Happy. Be Positive. If you're having a bad day, fighting with your spouse, boss was an ass today, LEAVE IT IN THE PARKING LOT. Don't dump your trash on someone else's yard. Your problems and issues will still be there after the meeting. Your attitude will determine your altitude in the boardroom, living room, event center.

* Don't ever let anyone control your emotions but YOU. They're your emotions. Everyone goes through crap. Everyone has their own outer and inner battles. YOU control YOU. When you're presenting, showing the plan, doing your thing.. You've got to be present, focused, positive, & IN CONTROL. 

* Always down play your success & up play everyone else's. Make it about your team, leaders, them. Build up and edify everyone around you. Get good at making others look good. When you're good, you'll tell everyone. When you're great, they'll tell you. Let your success speak. 

Your goal is to become a transcending leader. When you're a good leader, you've got a decent team of good followers, sheep. When you're a transcending leader, other 10's, Aces, Superstars, will be calling you to partner, not just join!


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