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Bethany and Marty Grant, Evolv Health


After 9 years with their previous company Bethany Webster Grant and Marty Grant have earned millions of dollars, helped others make millions, improved thousands of people lives and traveled the world.

Prior to network marketing Bethany Webster-Grant was a nurse.  All her life she wanted to help people.  However, at 29 years old she didn't feel like she was making an impact and she wasn't being fulfilled. 

At the time she was introduced to network marketing she was drowning in debt and living paycheck to paycheck. Bethany saw network marketing as a no-brainer to be able to help herself while being able to help others by making a bigger impact in peoples’ lives.

At that moment she got that spark inside of her that hadn't been there in a while.  She had no experience, but she had lots of energy and passion.  She was coachable and teachable and she went to work.

Bethany and Marty met in the industry. Marty was also very successful and able to leave his job as Postmaster and live full-time through his network marketing business.  They married in May of 2014 and had their first daughter together in January 2016. 

Together they have 4 beautiful children, Lauren, Lacey, Brayden and Bentley.  They are the couple’s why.  They are the reason they do what they do everyday, and as parents they have made the conscious decision together to lead them by example. 

While on multiple trips to Liberia and Guatemala Marty and Bethany learned of global problems they were mostly unaware of before that impacted their hearts.  One of those was that over 5 million children die every year due to childhood malnutrition.

After their baby was born both Marty and Bethany wanted to lose a few pounds of baby weight and get healthier.  They tried a few things and nothing seemed to work for them.  A friend sent them the Evolv Heath metabolism Reboot Kit.

After just a few weeks they were both having amazing results with the program and were amazed to learn the products that were helping them improve their health also triggered a donation to help nourish 280 children. 

They quickly got educated about Evolv Health being the world’s first Social Business 3.0 platform and that every serving of product Evolv sold triggered a donation of a whole day’s nutrition for a child in need through their Buy 1, Nourish 2™ Giving program. They did their due diligence and met with the founders and leaders of Evolv.

“Our hearts were full when we learned their vision aligned perfectly with ours!  We saw a way to impact even more people by helping them get healthy, and earn extra.

About EvolvHealth

The EvolvHealth “Change Your Life, Change the World™” Mission is to eradicate childhood malnutrition by enabling millions to Reboot their health using our proprietary line of advanced nutritional products.

This mission is powered by our revolutionary Social Business 3.0 model that sustainably funds our Buy 1, Nourish 2™ giving initiative, while richly rewarding those who choose to champion our cause. To learn more please visit

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