Global Wealth Trade Launches Anti Aging Skincare Line

Ramin Mesgarlou, Global Wealth Trade, CEO


Since 2005, Global Wealth Trade (GWT Corp) designs & manufactures fashion and luxury products that have become celebrity favorite brand on every red carpet event.

After celebrating their 10th anniversary earlier this year, the company announces its emergence into the trillion-dollar skincare industry, with the announcement of its FERI FLAWLESS luxury anti-aging skincare line.

After 3 years of research, development and formulation the Flawless anti-aging skincare line is scheduled for launch in March 2017.

In the previous 10 years since GWT’s inception in 2005, Founder and CEO Ramin Mesgarlou and Sr. VP and creative designer Sanaz Hooman focused the company’s product lines on the luxury fashion market, creating high-end fashion accessory products such as 950 Siledium Sterling jewelry, Genuine leather handbags, Men’s & Ladies shoes, Optical Glasses, sun shield glasses, fine timepieces and more.

CEO Ramin Mesgarlou stated:

“It took a decade before we finally made it official to release the FERI Flawless prestige grade skincare collection but we wanted to do it right. We knew the skincare companies we had to beat in the MLM industry and with Flawless we know we have done that.

Flawless is a prestige grade skincare formulation priced at the lower masstige level to dominate the MLM industry, Flawless will be an industry game changer” .

This next expansion in to Anti-aging skin care will cause a major ripple in the industry and a huge boost in decade 2 of the company. The FERI Flawless collection will be made up of 5 products.

The first is a Hydrating Cleanser that utilizes a dual action formula to cleanse the skin of dirt, impurities and makeup while still maintaining the skin’s natural moisture and softness.

The second is a Day Moisturizer with 5 active ingredients that work together to effectively provide an all-day hydrated feeling and reduce the signs of aging such as the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

The third is a Night Serum that contains 4 key anti-aging ingredients, including MicroSilver. This exclusive ingredient is very unique in that the formula actually contains micronized particles of pure silver. The Silver provides an antimicrobial ability to the formula that promotes healthy skin.

Feri Flawless

The 4th product in the line is an anti-aging lip treatment that contains ingredients that will provide a plumping effect and reduce the appearance of lines around the mouth area.

The fifth product is the most exciting of the lineup, the Eternal5 Eye serum. This serum is designed to have an immediate effect on fine lines and wrinkles around the eye area. 5 key ingredients work together to provide an instant lifting, firming and blurring effect on crows feet, and deep set wrinkles around the eyes.

The collection aims to be a game changer among both the skincare industry as well as the MLM industry. The well-developed collection of 5 products gives customers a full Flawless experience from cleansing, to moisturizing and specialized treatments for areas of the face most commonly associated with showing signs of aging. The FERI flawless collection regimen is designed to last 60 days and some products in the collection have been shown to have an immediate effect on the appearance of aging.

The highly anticipated launch of the FERI Flawless anti-aging Skincare collection is set to take place at GWT’s 11th Annual International Convention, taking place March 23rd – 25th in Niagara Falls Ontario. For more information please visit


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