Unicity Announces New Partnership With Latin Pop Icon Chayanne

Chayane, Unicity


Unicity is pleased to announce a new marketing partnership with Latin pop icon Chayanne.

As one of the top Latin artists in the world, Chayanne has sold more than 50 million albums and won countless awards in the music industry. Now he is excited to lend his considerable experience and influence to Unicity's mission to improve the lives of the Latin community.

Chayanne's decision to become a part of Unicity stems from his use of and belief in Unicity's line of health and wellness products.

The singer explains that :

I have been using the Unicity products for months and love them. I am genuinely excited to be part of the Unicity family.” Unicity is equally thrilled to partner with an artist with such a long and successful career.

Born in Puerto Rico, Chayanne found fame at a young age. After achieving international recognition as a member of the group Los Chicos, he went on to a revolutionary solo career. A pioneer in combining visual and musical elements in his performances, Chayanne has earned numerous accolades throughout Latin America and the United States.

Alongside his many musical achievements, Chayanne has also built a successful career as an actor. Millions of viewers have watched him in various shows and soap operas in Puerto Rico, Mexico, Argentina, and the US.

Moviegoers will recognize him as Vanessa Williams' co-star in the film Dance with Me, while younger fans know him as the voice of Flynn Rider in the Spanish version of Disney's Tangled (Enredados).

In his newest role as a partner with Unicity, Chayanne will help spread information and understanding of how ordinary people can make their lives healthier and more prosperous by becoming a part of Unicity's mission.

Unicity CEO Stewart Hughes believes the singer is a perfect fit for the company, saying

We are honored to welcome Chayanne to the Unicity family, not just because of what he has achieved as an artist, but because of who he is as a person.”

Chayanne's partnership with Unicity will begin shortly. For more information about Unicity's mission and line of products, visit Unicity.com/Chayanne.

To learn more about Chayanne, visit Chayanne.com

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