Tahitian Noni Founders John Wadsworth and Kim Asay Launch Zennoa

John Wadsworth, Zennoa, CEO


John Wadsworth, known as the father of the superfoods movement, for his discovery of Noni and subsequent role in founding an iconic nutritional supplement company, has teamed up with former business partner Kim Asay to form a new venture.

Called Zennoa LLC, this company recently developed its first product, Core Care, and began prelaunch activities. It is scheduled to launch formally in February 2017.

Mr. Wadsworth has the heart of an entrepreneur. His career has been varied and distinguished as a food scientist, a top-tier corporate executive and a disruptive innovator in the nutritional supplement industry.

His personal integrity and expansive vision have earned him the respect of thousands worldwide.

Mr. Wadsworth says, I feel better physically now than I have in ten years. I'm so excited about the opportunity Kim and I have to work together again. Kim tells me he's never felt more motivated to come to work each day, and I feel the same way.

Twenty-two years ago I had the opportunity to introduce the world to morinda citrifolia-noni. Noni really was the first superfood, and many others followed it into the market.

Science now acknowledges that superfoods provide our bodies with the nutritional fuel they need to stay healthy and energetic.

These natural superfoods are one reason why so many ancient cultures, particularly in Polynesia and Asia, enjoyed superior health and longevity.

Our tagline here at Zennoa is Inspired by tradition, perfected for today. We are combining the best Mother Nature has to offer with innovative delivery methods made possible by the latest technology.

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