100 Top Leaders Attended QNET’s Summit 2017

Malou Caluza, QNET, COO


QNET began 2017 with a spectacular summit called Inner Circle Elite, in Kuala Lumpur, that saw the gathering of its 100 most important leaders, executives and networkers from all over the world. This elite group of trailblazers came together to align network and corporate goals and give input towards the game plan of the year.

This VIP-only event also saw an exhibition of QNET products, an exclusive sneak peak of what the network can expect in 2017 in terms of trainings, events and the launch of new and exciting products and services.

The participants collaborated, laid out plans, discussed matters in their markets are regions, and sifted through strategies that they must implement to assure the success of the business.

Throughout the conference, one theme echoed through the room – Limitless!

The Managing Director of The V, QNET’s marketing arm, Pathman Senathirajah spoke about how this is the year of ‘Limitless’. “Achieving a goal isn’t only about the monetary rewards.

It defines who you are, your ability of saying something and keeping your word. We have 52 goals to achieve this year, and it requires limitless focus, attitude of positivity and warriorship that is contagious,” he disclosed as the theme went viral in all corners of the globe.

This summit is considered an important part of kick-starting, and determining the direction of the year. The three-day ICE Summit 2017 was extensive, giving the participants the honour of spending time with the Founders, Dato’ Sri Vijay Eswaran and Mr. Joseph Bismark, and pursuing their journey from limited thinking to LIMITLESS achievement.

During one of his sessions, Dato’ Sri Vijay urged the participants to be the best that they can be, reminding them that the only way they can help those around them is by first raising themselves up.

“You have to be way up higher in order to be able to pull someone else up”, he said.

He also encouraged the participants to remain steadfast when facing challenges as he so aptly highlighted that “Calm seas make no sailors” and that the only way you can learn is through experience.

During the summit, QNET gave the participants a vision beyond 2017, a sense of greater contribution, a sense of becoming more and giving more in the spirit of RHYTHM (Raise Yourself To Help Mankind).

Dato’ Sri Vijay

Dato’ Sri Vijay

About QNET:

As a prominent Asian direct selling company, QNET provides a range of products that are offered through the e-commerce platform by Independent Representatives (IRs) in over 100 countries. The company also has offices and agencies in 25 countries worldwide, and more than 50 stockists, apart from localized operations or franchisees in a number of countries.

QNET is a member of the Direct Selling Association of Malaysia, the Direct Selling Association of Singapore, Direct Selling Association of Philippines, The Direct Selling Association of Indonesia, the Hong Kong Health Food Association and the Health Supplements Industry Association of Singapore among others.

QNET is also active in sports sponsorships around the world, including football (Direct Selling Partner of Manchester City Football Club), Formula One, badminton and more, due to the company’s strong belief that the drive, passion and teamwork of sports mirrors that of QNET. For more information, please visit QNET’s website at www.qnet.net

QNET Top Leaders

QNET Top Leaders

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