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Kerry Brown, CEO, M.Network


This is the members’ company and we let our members lead the way,” said CEO Kerry Brown.

Disillusioned by the multitude of insincere and outdated opportunities, M.Network was compelled to transform the realm of entrepreneurship while positively impacting the world. M is creating a network of the most passionate elite.

The five creators – Kerry Brown, Nate Farnsworth, Ryan Anderson, Will Pigg and Scott Miller- collectively bring more than 100 years of combined industry experience. They have built an innovative company that is disrupting the industry.

After being disappointed with the standard and lack of real customer focused opportunities in direct sales companies, M decided to launch something unique with an unrivaled network, compensation plan and retail friendly products.

A brand making a world impact

Astoundingly, 75% of Americans are dehydrated yet, proper hydration is at the core of every process in our body and is crucial to staying sharp and primed both mentally and physically. Additionally, the majority of Americans lack key nutrition. M•STIKs provide a heightened water experience through exceptional taste and targeted benefits. Incredible flavor, healthy and low-calorie supplements that go beyond just hydration.

Specific vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, and other powerful ingredients are added to each formula for targeted health benefits–helping you get more out of your water! This targeted nutrition is made possible with proprietary Rapid Defense Technology (RDT). RDT is a process of protecting the nutrients we use to deliver optimal products with no preservatives. This technology enables the products to more easily absorb into the bloodstream, have livid flavors, reduce oxidation, preserve real aromas and easily dissolve. Through hydration and key nutrient delivery, M is enabling health and wellness.

M’s Product Philosophy

All products must:

  • Taste, smell or feel good
  • Be easy to share
  • Have an immediate impact
  • Be of premium quality
  • Sell at retail competitive price points

M•STIK line

“I love giving STIKs to somebody knowing that they’ll love it and it’s good for them,” said Ryan Anderson, Vice President of Sales. Each stik is carefully formulated to deliver target nutrition based on each person’s needs while providing an exceptional taste experience.

  • Core•AO – daily immunity
  • SOUL – mood enhancer
  • SMART – nootropic brain boost
  • GO – perfect energy
  • SLIM –  appetite control

M created an exclusive network of relationships in which everyone can win. M makes no apologies and there is no second story. There is no need to apologize because they offer affordable prices and life-impacting products. M is enabling every member to find success through unique sampling programs and innovative retail shopping sites. “Our Members can create a powerful retail business and grow their teams using the sampling tools and websites that each member has access to,” said Kerry Brown of the disruptive retail model.

M held a launch event for the members January 13-14 in Las Vegas, which amassed an in-person crowd of hundreds and thousands tuned in via the Facebook live stream.

About M.Network

M.Network is a new direct sales company based in Vineyard, UT. The company announced its launch on January 15, 2017, bringing to market five targeted nutrition products. Guided by unrivaled standards, M is an elite network of members integrating experiential world impacting products with unprecedented entrepreneurship. For more information on M.Network visit M.Network

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