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Direct Selling Momentum Ranks January 2017

by Ted Nuyten on January 10, 2017

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What is Momentum? Momentum is the magic of Direct Selling – MLM – Network Marketing.  The "Holy Grail".

You need a lot of "Momentum" in your Direct Selling career. Momentum is hard to build, and easy to lose….

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Professionals are looking for momentum to join a new opportunity when they are in the market for a career switch.

Corporate executives or field leaders can create momentum. It represents that important element which transforms individuals, groups, and teams into that unstoppable force. Distributor groups are growing fast and are very successfull. It can happen when:

  • A new company or product(s) launches.
  • Successfull corporate executive or field leaders are coming in.
  • New countries are opening.
  • (International) conventions are held.

We have compiled this momentum list based on a number of key indicators, such as Facebook "Talking About", Alexa Rankings, Simular web, social media engagement, our polls, and a number of undisclosed key indicators as we do not want "copy cats" steal our exclusive momentum algorithms 🙂

As of January 2017 we have added several companies to our momentum watch list.

We do not endorse any company, we just put a thermometer in the "buzz". That are the:

Direct Selling Momentum Ranks – Top 200

1Young LivingUnited States3844
2JeunesseUnited States3842
3AvonUnited States3822
4DoTerraUnited States3806
5Mary KayUnited States3803
6Hinode CosmeticosBrazil3802
7Nu SkinUnited States3799
8YouniqueUnited States3797
9Le-VelUnited States3789
10Pampered ChefUnited States3784
12It Works! GlobalUnited States3769
13AmwayUnited States3767
14AdvocareUnited States3765
15Stella & DotUnited States3764
16ScentsyUnited States3763
17HerbalifeUnited States3757
18Rodan and FieldsUnited States3755
20Arbonne InternationalUnited States3743
22MelaleucaUnited States3739
23LuLaRoeUnited States3737
24Thermomix (Vorwerk)Germany3727
25IsagenixUnited States3724
26Nerium Int.United States3715
27TupperwareUnited States3715
28Total Life ChangesUnited States3712
29Thirty One GiftsUnited States3712
30Origami OwlUnited States3704
31Stampin UpUnited States3696
32Perfectly PoshUnited States3695
33USANAUnited States3690
34Fitteam GlobalUnited States3685
35Chloe and IsabelUnited States3681
36BeautyCounterUnited States3680
37Alliance In MotionPhilippines3676
38ACNUnited States3675
39WorldVenturesUnited States3667
40Talk FusionUnited States3660
41Vestige MarketingIndia3658
43Keller Williams RealtyUnited States3647
444LifeUnited States3642
45Tyra Banks CosmeticsUnited States3638
46Tastefully SimpleUnited States3628
47Organo GoldCanada3624
48LifeVantageUnited States3613
49MannatechUnited States3604
50Nature's Sunshine ProductsUnited States3603
51SeneGenceUnited States3603
52Kobold (Vorwerk)Germany3603
53Betterway (Mistine)Thailand3602
54Cabi OnlineUnited States3601
55UP! ESSæNCIABrazil3599
56Boulevard MondeBrazil3589
57Pruvit VenturesUnited States3582
58Unicity Int.United States3582
59Primerica Financial ServicesUnited States3579
60LegalShieldUnited States3576
61PartyLiteUnited States3568
62YoungevityUnited States3562
63World Global NetworkUnited States3554
64LR Health and BeautyGermany3554
65Juice Plus+United States3554
66JR WatkinsUnited States3551
67Paparazzi AccessoriesUnited States3546
68Princess HouseUnited States3529
69Captain Tortue GroupFrance3518
70Market AmericaUnited States3510
71Close To My HeartUnited States3509
74Jafra Cosmetics (Vorwerk)United States3497
75Longaberger (JRJR Networks)United States3492
76CutcoUnited States3492
77Premier DesignsUnited States3492
78Ambit EnergyUnited States3492
795LinxUnited States3488
80Dubli Network - OmintoUnited States3484
82Siberian HealthRussia3479
83Royale Business ClubPhilippines3479
84Pay DiamondHong Kong SAR China3478
85ViSalusUnited States3473
86Send Out CardsUnited States3471
87Creative MemoriesUnited States3459
88Empower NetworkUnited States3457
89Pink ZebraUnited States3456
90Team NationalUnited States3454
91ZurvitaUnited States3454
92Seacret DirectUnited States3452
93ModereUnited States3447
94WildtreeUnited States3446
95MOBE (My Own Business Education)Malaysia3446
96Eminence Organic Skin CareUnited States3442
97Life LeadershipUnited States3439
98Silpada DesignsUnited States3438
99Swissgolden CorporationUnited Kingdom3434
100XyngularUnited States3432
101MagnabilitiesUnited States3424
102Global Wealth TradeCanada3419
103Synergy Int. (Nature's Sunshine)United States3417
104XanGoUnited States3415
105YoliUnited States3414
106Life PlusUnited States3408
107BeautiControl (Tupperware)United States3404
108ARIIXUnited States3403
109VasayoUnited States3398
110Cambridge DietUnited Kingdom3397
111Celebrating HomeUnited States3392
112Usborne BooksUnited States3390
113Mega HoldingsHong Kong SAR China3388
114Touchstone CrystalUnited States3388
115Thrive LifeUnited States3386
116Gold CanyonUnited States3386
118Four CornersUnited States3376
120PM InternationalGermany3365
121Prowin internationalGermany3360
122Max InternationalUnited States3359
123LifeWaveUnited States3345
124Lilla RoseUnited States3342
125VemmaUnited States3334
126IDlifeUnited States3333
127PaycationUnited States3328
128Rain InternationalUnited States3328
129Global Domains InternationalUnited States3326
130ZriiUnited States3326
131Sarso biznetIndia3321
133LimeLight by AlconeUnited States3315
134Rena Ware InternationalUnited States3314
136MorindaUnited States3311
137Steeped TeaCanada3310
138Monat GlobalUnited States3310
139L Bri Pure NaturalUnited States3310
141The Limu CompanyUnited States3307
143Traveling VineyardUnited States3295
144B-EpicUnited States3293
145Damsel in DefenseUnited States3292
146InitialsUnited States3286
147TruVision HealthUnited States3280
148Barefoot BooksUnited States3277
149NYR OrganicUnited States3272
150TrevoUnited States3267
151Immunotec ResearchCanada3263
152Wealth GeneratorsUnited States3260
153NikkenUnited States3260
154Genesis PureUnited States3259
155Agel (JRJR Networks)United States3255
156Sanki GlobalUnited States3251
157ForeverGreen - FgXpressUnited States3247
158Viridian EnergyUnited States3245
159Sami DirectIndia3244
160Saladmaster (Regal Ware)United States3244
161edmark internationalMalaysia3236
162Zermat Int.United States3236
163GNLD InternationalUnited States3234
164LEOUnited Kingdom3232
165Fifth Avenue CollectionUnited States3232
166Vivint SolarUnited States3229
167Aloette CosmeticsUnited States3224
1681 Fashion GlobalSpain3224
169SabikaUnited States3224
170JavitaUnited States3222
171Dove ChocolateUnited States3214
172Style Dots LLCUnited States3209
173SabaUnited States3206
175SimplyFunUnited States3201
176Vantel PearlsUnited States3195
177Pippa & JeanGermany3190
178GamelootnetworkUnited States3189
179Reliv InternationalUnited States3188
180The Rustic ShopUnited States3186
181Ruby RibbonUnited States3184
182Jewelry in CandlesUnited States3183
183Sisel InternationalUnited States3182
184Plunder DesignUnited States3179
185Snep InternationalItaly3179
186StemtechUnited States3179
187MyDailyChoiceUnited States3178
188Evolv HealthUnited States3174
189H2O at HomeUnited States3174
190Wakaya PerfectionUnited States3172
191Victoria BeneluxBelgium3161
192Silver IcingCanada3158
193Heritage MakersUnited States3157
194KannawayUnited States3153
195Purium Health ProductsUnited States3151
196J. HilburnUnited States3145
197YOR HealthUnited States3142
198Pink PapayaUnited States3139
199Color by AmberCanada3139
200Initial OutfittersUnited States3134