Interview with Shawn Moylan, Chief Compliance Officer At Global Payment Provider i-payout

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i-payout – formally known as International Payout Systems, Inc. – provides global payment transmission and management services – a fair percentage of them are in the direct selling business.

The company provides payments in 45 local currencies, via eWallets, prepaid cards, bank transfers, paper checks, bank wires and more.

i-payout world-wide payment services free-up companies from the burden of payment administration which includes cultivating banking relationships, tracking regulatory changes and observing the tax implications relevant to your transactions. Ultimately, they are a software logistics company that simplifies global commerce.

Ted Nuyten had the honor to interview Shawn Moylan, Chief Compliance Officer.

What do you do?

We live in a heavily regulated world that continues to get more and more regulated. I’m responsible for ensuring that i-payout is abiding by the letter and the spirit of those regulations. Additionally, I’m responsible for ensuring that we control our risks, which include reputational risks, by making sure that any company we are affiliated with is also abiding by the same principals.

In many ways it’s my job to do all the worrying and make sure that everything we do is done in compliance with the regulations of the countries we serve. If you’re working with a company that is serviced by i-payout you should feel a very comfortable that we are supplying comprehensive compliance oversight.

What did you do before joining i-payout?

I worked in several other heavily regulated businesses: self-directed online broker firms and Fintech online lending. My specialties were compliance (of course), risk management, AML, operations and fraud prevention. In fact, I built three fraud prevention departments from the ground up and spent many years working alongside law enforcement to combat identity theft and other financial and cybercrimes.

I have worked closely with regulators on regular company audits and my approach has always been to make sure that we all understood that we were working together in a complimentary role to achieve the same results.

How does a company like i-payout make life easier for someone in Direct Sales?

First, if your company is using i-payout it means that you likely have several options for getting paid globally. Getting paid is probably something that is important to you. Secondly, by helping your company keep its operating expenses lower they are freed up to grow their business in whatever ways they can and to help you grow yours. Lastly, and most importantly, if your company is using i-payout it means that they have been reviewed by us and we are comfortable doing business with them and believe that together we can meet the challenges of ongoing compliance.

What are some things that you are focusing on right now and in the future?

I’m keeping a close eye on the political events in Washington. The effects may not be immediate but I would expect to see a change of tone in some regulatory areas. We are always paying attention to the business models of our clients and ensuring that they are well within the reasonable expectations of acting both in full compliance with all regulations but also ethically. Anti-Money Laundering and terrorist financing will always be a high priority topic. I also think we may be discussing what kind of regulatory changes may be coming by monitoring what the regulators are considering so that we can be prepared to be ahead of the curve as new challenges arise.

What are you most bullish about re. i-payout’s relevancy to direct selling companies?

No question, it’s this:

If you were to look at rankings of global, payout service providers in terms of how they deliver on 5 key variables and needs such as:

1) How global is their service?

2) How many payout options do they offer?

3) How quickly do they execute?

4) How comprehensive is their financial software solution?

5) How easily and fully does it integrate into clients’ data/systems?

i-payout would be at, or near the top, of every one of those rankings –  we stand alone in that regard.

Our management information console blows people away when they see the breadth and depth of the data we capture, organize and present. And our eWallet is top notch in terms of its intuitive design. It’s very user friendly.  That’s plenty to be bullish about.

i-payout is in its tenth year as a provider of comprehensive and integrated global payment services headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, U.S.A

For more information:  •   [email protected]   • Tel: (954) 699-0253

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