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Enes olgun, Amsterdam, Netherlands, European Direct Selling Congress


Enes Olgun, from Istanbul, Turkey, has a team of over 65,000+ members which Enes has build in 7 years.

In 2015 –  6,000 people from HIS team attended a generic training with Eric Worre in Istanbul, which was NOT a corporate event.

Before his shining career in network marketing he was a student and had never been engaged in any economic activity before. His family supported him financially.

Like most people, he had pre-conceived ideas about network marketing. He had heard of Amway before because his family was involved in it. Enes was not interested to listen to any MLM company.

One day in 2008, a close friend called him and invited Enes to see him. He didn't mention a word about the business during the invitation. When they meet, he introduced the business and explained the compensation plan. Enes was fascinated and decided to join.


At first, the only thing that attracted me to the business was earning money. That's the great thing about network marketing. Whatever may be the reason for joining, you will find a treasure! As you grow, you will soon realise how incredibly large the treasure is.

Meet Enes Olgun live at the European Direct Selling Congress in Amsterdam the Netherlands

You basically enter an arena where you will learn a whole lot of very different but interesting things; from making money to social relations, proper way to communicate, investment and in our case technology, peace of mind, happiness, prosperity and leadership etc. Before, I had no idea about the wide range of subjects that I could expect to learn and know from a business about which I had little knowledge.

Enes Olgun In Istanbul with his team of 6,000 people

Enes Olgun In Istanbul

When they first introduce you to the business, you have no idea where and how you are going to begin. This is the iceberg. Once you have started, you begin to see the bigger picture: the challenges, the trainings, the uplines, the downlines, the sidelines, the products and the company. Everything that happens along the way is helping you to become a better person, and that’s the beginning of your personal development.

I never thought about writing books before, but now I have 4 books to my credit. I am 27 and I have already travelled to more than 30 different countries around the world, with my own money! The system is a pleasant surprise.

It's like you look for gold, but you find a diamond mine instead!

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