Top Trainer Ramin Mesgarlou Speaker At The European Direct Selling Congress

Ramin Mesgarlou, Forensic Networker


Ramin Mesgarlou has been featured and interviewed on scores of magazines, radio shows and TV shows including the Brian Tracy TV show.

He has been featured on FOX, MSNBC, Newsweek, ABC, CBS, Yahoo finance and others for his cutting edge expertise in the Direct selling and MLM industry.

Ramin Mesgarlou has spent more than half of his life as a high performing direct seller. Ramin started his Direct Sales profession in1990 at age 20 and spent the next 14 years building his home business empires.

Ramin explains that building multi-million dollar empires is nice but what he is really proud of is the fact that for 12 of those 14 years he spent in the field working as a full time high performing and high earning distributor.

Ramin's success came from the basic principle that direct sales is just like any other business requiring training, discipline and commitment.

Rated as one of the world’s top 3 master trainers and a mentor to thousands, he believes that “As trainers we should not focus on the potential millions that can be earned in direct sales, our focus should be to help as many people as possible to earn a full time living from home

  • In 1990, he launched his MLM profession at age 20.
  • Build 4 multi-million dollar MLM businesses as a high powered distributor with teams of over 100,000 +
  • Wrote MLM's most advanced book for Full Time MLMers The Forensic Networker in 1999.
  • Created 17 millionaires and dozens of six figure income earners.
  • Launched his own company in 2005 that is now doing business in 165 countries. 

Some of his famous philosophies:

Life does not sustain, If you are not getting better, you are getting worse, KEEP EVOLVING

Precious metals are a hedge against inflation and similarly MLM is the hedge against JOBS

MLM is not a choice, it's a moral responsibility

Brian Tracy Interviews Ramin Mesgarlou

Meet Ramin Mesgarlou live at the European Direct Selling Congress in Amsterdam the Netherlands

This kind of quality training is often only available in the USA; and now for Once-In-A-Life-time, coming to Europe – The Netherlands.

It is delivered in a completely generic format. No companies or products are ever mentioned so you will feel safe to share this Business Event with your Team.

Listen, Analyze, Learn, Lunch, Inter-act and have Fun with the ultimate Experts. Discover the Trends, Learn from the Experts!

DeLaMar Theater – Amsterdam

DeLaMar Theater - Amsterdam

DeLaMar Theater – Amsterdam

DeLaMar Theater - Amsterdam

VIP and Early Bird tickets can be booked here:

European Direct Selling Congress – Reservations

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