Vemma CEO BK Boreyko Launches New – FTC Proof – Compensation Plan

BK Boreyko, Vemma, CEO,Bode Pro


As the USA network marketing landscape changes before our eyes, the focus for this $32 billion industry moves to customers.

Real sales to real customers was the mandate given by FTC Commissioner Edith Ramirez who is stepping down in a matter of days as the Trump administration takes over.

As major companies search for ways to adopt the guidelines laid out in the recent Vemma case, watch for customers to become a cornerstone topic.

In a recent Tony Cannuli show, Vemma CEO BK Boreyko took viewers behind the scenes on the challenges his company faced in the last 16 months.

Joined by MLM attorney Kevin Thompson and MLM expert Len Clements, Tony's show brings new light to this change in the regulatory climate in the US MLM industry. Watch it here.

Now Boreyko launches a new venture in March, Bod•e Pro which will be the first new company to incorporate these new 'Plan Protection' regulatory guidelines.

The much anticipated uni-level commission plan will be released next Friday, but today they launched a new video that outlines the product line that will drive this customer acquisition model.

The product offering looks impressive and the branding definitely elevates the appeal to the retail side of this new company.

Tony Cannuli show 

Bod•e Pro product video

About Bode Pro

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