Maelle Beauty Out Of Business – Younique Products Sued The Company

Chris Welch, CEO, Maelle


7,000 Maelle Beauty distributors (mentors) are in shock, due to a legal dispute with Younique products, the company has to cease business for 5 months.

Maelle Beauty was founded by Chris Welch former VP of International Marketing for Younique, and Ros Simmons, former CEO of Virgin Cosmetics & former Product manager for The Body Shop.

Yesterday the company (Chris Welch) send out the next message:

Dear Maelle Mentors,

Since our interception, we have experienced incredible success. In less than a year, we have built a brand we love, grown to more than 7,000 strong in five countries and brought over 20 innovative, high-quality products to the market. All of this provided you, our Mentors – the lifeblood of our business – with a compelling platform to build incredible teams, establish lifelong friendships, and create lasting success. The last 12 months have far exceeded our expectations, and we are so grateful to each of you for helping make it a reality.

Today, however, we are extremely disappointed to report that, due to a legal dispute with Younique, we are required to temporarily suspend direct selling on our platform for up to five months. We believe the claim against Maelle is baseless, unwarranted and unfair.

We will not let a minor setback like this get in the way of achieving our ultimate objective, and nether should you. The entire Maelle Team remains deeply committed to the continued success of the business and our mentors. Over the coming months, you may ask yourself occasionally if staying with Maelle is the right decision.

We sincerely hope that the answer continues to be a resounding yes!. You are each an integral part of the Maelle family and we believe the future is very bright.

Now let's talk about where we go from here. We 've learned a lot over the past several months and have heard your feedback. We will use this time to make Maelle even better than before, including founder status and associated incentives for all returning Mentors, a new and improved compensation plan, an exciting event and incentive trip strategy and, of course, even more beautiful products.

We are in the process of transitioning our website into maintenance mode, but we will come back to you soon with approved methods for you to retail products to your customers, outside of direct selling. Below are a few items to note:

  1. This is a company issue which will not legally affect your personally.
  2. All month-end commissions from January will be paid by February 15th as planned. Any overrides on Personal Sales will also be paid by February 15th.
  3. We will communicate regularly to ensure you are updated at all times, but please don't hesitate to reach out directly or through our support team.


Maelle Team

About Maelle Products:

Maelle Beauty products are developed and manufactured in Italy and in the UK by suppliers who also make products for many well known and respected brands.

Maelle uses the highest quality ingredients whether natural or synthetic. In addition, these ingredients have a proven safety record and are widely used in the cosmetics industry. Currently available in US, UK, Canada, Republic of Ireland and The Netherlands.

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