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Rob Sperry, Network Marketing Trainer


As an ambitious introvert who has overcome his fear of public speaking, Rob Sperry has unique insights to help you to achieve levels of success you never thought possible.

He is widely known for his non hype straight forward refreshing style.

As a 28 year old Rob Sperry generated over 2 million dollars in volume in his first year in Network Marketing. In 2008, he hung up his racket as a tennis coach and manager of a tennis club to join a multi-billion-dollar Network Marketing company.

In his first year he set the record that year for sponsoring the most new people into the company in a single month.  He reached the highest level in the company in less than a year.

Years after being with his first company in Network Marketing he decided to expand his recruiting efforts with a company outside the Network Marketing industry.  He recruited over a 100 door to door salesmen/saleswomen in less than 4 months for a 3 year old company that sold TV satellite dishes.  Of which 68 left their state to sell for the summer.  

He has consulted for numerous Network Marketing and non Network Marketing companies.  Through these wide range of experiences he has learned different skill sets that have helped him to know how to create systems that recruit, retain and drive people to more success.

Rob has extensive experience in both consulting, training and recruiting teams for all different types of sales companies.

In 2013 Rob became the co-creator of mynt.  mynt was spin off from a 3 billion dollar company (not annual sales but total sales).  mynt was merged officially in June of 2015.   Rob helped assist that merge which is now known as the largest merger in the history of Network Marketing.  Rob attributes his success to great mentors, hard work and always being straightforward/genuine (no hype).

Rob is an entrepreneur who has learned how to recruit, train and create systems for any type of business.

In 2015 his article was featured on the Networking Times blog.  It became one of the Top 5 Posts of 2015.

He has been featured many times in Business For Home.

Meet Rob Sperry live at the European Direct Selling Congress in Amsterdam the Netherlands

This kind of quality training is often only available in the USA; and now for Once-In-A-Life-time, coming to Europe – The Netherlands.

It is delivered in a completely generic format. No companies or products are ever mentioned so you will feel safe to share this Business Event with your Team.

Listen, Analyze, Learn, Lunch, Inter-act and have Fun with the ultimate Experts. Discover the Trends, Learn from the Experts!

DeLaMar Theater – Amsterdam

DeLaMar Theater - Amsterdam

DeLaMar Theater – Amsterdam

DeLaMar Theater - Amsterdam

VIP and Early Bird tickets can be booked here:

European Direct Selling Congress – Reservations

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