Why I Sell MLM – Network Marketing And You Should Not

Lauren Goldstein


Lauren Goldstein is what some would call a maverick leader.  She is a serial entrepreneur, speaker,  author, igniter, game-changer, and young-at-heart dreamer.

She has published an excellent article about MLM – Network Marketing:

MLM’s are not for you if:

  • You don’t want to work hard.   It is simple, but you have to hustle!

  • You want something that will make you thousands of dollars overnight. Nope – they are not get rich quick schemes, they take time, consistency, and patience – if you have those three things then you can make amazing money but don’t think a CC and a prayer are all you need. And if someone tries to tell you different, they are blowing air up your skirt and you should walk away – fast.

  • You have more excuses than a toddler at bedtime.  If you think you are too busy, don’t have a big enough network, don’t have the money, etc. you’re probably not a fit.  The people who are successful start because they don’t have enough time or money and want a solution to create a better life for themselves.  So it’s up to you, you can have excuses or you can have grit.

  • You are not willing to give some things up.  Taking on a MLM business is not something that you can just sign up and hope for the best.  Nope, you have to make exchanges.  You have to learn how to leverage N.E.T. time (Anthony Robbin’s term for no extra time).  Your car becomes a university on wheels.  Your kitchen becomes a boardroom.  Your local coffee shop becomes your office.  In the beginning you are going to feel like you are working twice as hard for little or no money and until you build that momentum. It’s really going to suck and you’re probably going to want to throw in the towel once or twice.  It’s not easy, but it is worth it!

  • You don’t believe in the product, the company, the industry and yourself.  I like to use the analogy of a car and those are the 4 tires.  If one of those is flat, you won’t go anywhere!  The beautiful thing about the industry is that there are literally HUNDREDS of companies so go find one that speaks to you that has a product you love that changed your life in a positive way and then go to work on your personal development.

Now that I have laid it all out for you.  Let’s talk about the success stories.  People who make $500 or more a month in the industry.  What are their secrets?

Read further here: Why I Sell MLM And You Should Not

About Lauren Goldstein

Lauren Goldstein is what some would call a maverick leader.  She is a serial entrepreneur,  speaker. author, igniter, game-changer, and young-at-heart dreamer.  She is the founder and CEO of internationally successful consulting firm, Golden Key Partnership, which specializes in the neuroscience behind entrepreneurship and business. You can discover more of her work at www.GoldenKeyPartnership.com and www.GoldenKeyUniversity.com.


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