WOR(l)D Global Network Sells More Than 200,000 HELO Units

Fabio Galdi, CEO, World Global Network


According to a WOR(l)D Global Network press release:

Helo Classic has sold more than 200.000 units in few months and there are thousands and thousands of happy customers that are improving their lifestyle with… the technology.

Network marketing is changing: Technology is the new frontier.

When you’re an IT pioneer, the biggest challenge is to find new roads to innovate. It’s not an obsession but the will to find better paths available to improve the world around us. The Project HELO was a unique opportunity for WOR(l)D to put in place a new way of understanding wellness, without the common borders we were used to.

HELO has become a real movement, within which the words Life Sensing Technology find fulfillment. The secret is sharing, the sharing of a single project for a common well-being, achieved through research and technology.

Their data will be used to improve REALLY the world, thanks to research, development, studies, sharing targets. How do we take a further step forward in this? How do we reach even more ambitious shared goals? All this can only improve if it is even more brave, raising the bar even further.

For this reason, today, with the arrival of HELO LX, HELO Project begins its journey to becoming open. What does it mean?

It means that all developers and programmers will have access to the specifications of our wellness band to write plugins for our App and extend the features of HELO. It means possibly even connecting our HELO to your treadmill or a smart balance.

Our OpenAPI provides the coders all they need to even write their own App, increasing the supply and multiplying the benefits. OpenAPI allows direct access to the raw data of our bio-sensor. For the first time ever, a wellness band has thought about wellness with developers in mind, as an active part of the community.

Once you have created your App or your plugin, any developer can send it to the dedicated HELO App Store, the place to search for plugins for fitness, health, diet, training and so on. What HELO doesn’t perform today, it will perform tomorrow, all thanks to you.

HELO is a complete project, which brings user benefits, business benefits, and benefits for developers. It’s a truly memorable moment: you will see the app grow every day, with new features, new capabilities, new measurements, and new possibilities.

You determine the success of a plugin or an app for your HELO. You will drive the development by requesting new features and tracking the future. Well-being is such only if it’s shared. In addition, with OpenApi Business, also a new business opportunity is on the way, for all the developers and the members that everyday will promote HELO and its apps and plugins.

This is a real new economy that creates opportunities in the Digital Marketing. Maybe, this is the Digital Network Marketing.

About WOR(l)D GN

With an Headquarter in MIAMI, USA, WOR(l)D stands apart as a leader in the global markets of media, mobile and wearable technologies. In the 15 offices distrbuited in all the continents, WOR(l)D is employing the brightest minds and best professionals, constantly investing in great ideas and highly motivated people. Every WOR(l)D product reflects its passion for research, innovation and environmental responsibility.

WOR(l)D is a recognized as a leading player in the drive towards a more economically stable, socially connected world. Leveraging a new business paradigm, WOR(l)D seeks to transcend every social and economic boundary. Using innovative products and a proven, direct selling business model wor(l)d is helping people around the globe to transform their lives—and their livelihoods.

For more information please visit www.worldgn.com

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