XANGO Kicks off Strong 2017 Fueling Business Growth

Aaron Garrity, Xango, CEO


XANGO, a Triple A (AAA+) classified opportunity by Business for Home,  building on the momentum it created in 2016, the company and its distributors have joined forces globally with dozens of large regional meetings to fuel business growth. The results are already pouring in with explosive growth and hundreds of rank advancements.

South Africa’s new distributor signups have swelled more than 300 percent. Canada, has surged.

30 percent in the first six weeks of the year, and Europe recruitment up 30 percent. XANGO is partnering with its distributor leaders for regional meetings throughout Europe in Italy, Spain and the Netherlands.

Most recently, in leading cities such as Mexico City, Bogota, Madrid, Seoul, Milan, Vancouver, Johannesburg, Chungju City, Busan City, San Diego, Cape Town, Hong Kong, Durban, Salt Lake City, San Diego Tucson, Miami and Orlando.

“2017 is the year of becoming for XANGO,” said XANGO Chairman and CEO Aaron Garrity.

“We are traveling everywhere to be with our distributors and leaders and co-create success for all. February trends show strong growth.”

XANGO recently launched the XANGO Aeris™ 2 Minute Miracle Gel™ globally, and sales are correspondingly on the rise. The product is available throughout the U.S. and Canada, Australia and New Zealand, South Korea, and across Europe.

That’s just the beginning. The company is in the midst of a soft launch of the XANGO PiiX™ Weight-Management System. Introducing a natural approach to weight management that works synergistically with XANGO® Juice. XANGO and its distributors are anxious for the business opportunity this product will bring.


A leading global nutrition company, XANGO, LLC, is a recognized leader in health and wellness products. Currently expanding into a wider range of botanicals, XANGO was the first company to market a premium mangosteen patented beverage, XANGO® Juice, to consumers worldwide. XALO® Ageless by XANGO complements XANGO Juice to fight aging at the cellular level and rejuvenate the body and mind, and XALO® Pro products include natural formulas focused on lessening exhaustion and helping people stay sharp physically and mentally.

XANGO’s roster of premium, functional products also includes XANGO Aeris™, an exclusive anti-aging skin care system to address fine lines and wrinkles and help people look and feel young again; Eleviv® for natural, youthful vigor; and the XANGO PiiX™ line of natural, herbal concentrated tinctures from PiiX™ Weight-Management to PiiX™ Men and Women’s Vitality (“Put It In XANGO”).

XANGO is privately owned and powered by a global network of more than two million independent distributors in the U.S. and more than 40 international markets, including Canada, Mexico, Australia, Europe, Asia, South Africa and more. For details, visit www.xango.com.

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