Interview With Edgard Martinez – Director Of Customer Support At i-Payout

Edgard Martinez, I-Payout


i-payout – formally known as International Payout Systems, Inc. –  provides global payment transmission and management services. A fair percentage of them are in the direct selling business.

i-payout is in its tenth year as a leading provider of comprehensive and integrated global payment services. They are headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, U.S.A

The company provide payments using local currencies in 98 countries and provide commission payouts, via eWallets, prepaid cards, bank transfers, paper checks and bank wires in over 150 countries. Ultimately, they are a software logistics company. 

Their agile and fully-customizable platform simplifies global commerce and the financial transactions that fuel it.

Ted Nuyten had the honor to interview Edgard Martinez:

Edgard, tell me a little about yourself.

Well, I have to confess – I’m a Customer Care fanatic!  I believe there has been an inevitable shifting in every industry in which customers expect not just a robust product but also relationship-based service. As a customer, myself, of many other companies I expect nothing but great service along with their product quality. I believe our customer expect no less from us.

I can see how that has to be a driver for you. What are you up to at i-payout?

I was asked to join i-payout to transform the Customer Service department into a world class operation. I’m here to not just drive the transformation but to ensure we sustain the quality of our service delivery.

Sounds exciting – how are you going about transforming a good Customer Support department into a great one at i-payout?

  • There are three  major areas we are focusing on. Here’s what we’re doing in each one of them.
  • We are making a tremendous investment in the people that are responsible for providing day to day support to our clients.
  • We are utilizing best practice training methodologies to develop the skills of our  customer service personnel. Our people have fully bought- in and improvements are already evident. Our on-going training sessions will ensure that we maintain our focus on the delivery of  world class customer care.
  • • We have invested heavily in our new state of the art Customer Support facility. It’s  a wonderfully functional work space and it’s a comfortable work space, as well. Many work environments aren’t set-up  for optimizing performance.  Our new facility gives us everything we need.

Nothing stands in the way of delivering top-notch customer care. We have incorporated new Service Management software solutions to manage our customers’ inquiries. With the integration of the Service Management solution and the help of other contact  center technologies we have the capability to deliver a more customized service experience to   every customer.

At i-payout we understand the value of every interaction we have with our customers. Those interactions play a critically important role in creating loyalty and customer confidence. Our financial software empowers our customers to succeed. Our ability to deliver world class  customer support fosters great relationships and loyalty. And customer loyalty is a very, good thing.

Loyalty is a very good thing, absolutely. You mentioned new Customer Service Management software – what does that do for you? How does that make you better?

This solution will allow us to identify key trends such as: the reasons for which customers contact us the most at different times of the day and the amount of time it took us to effectively resolve an interaction with a customer. We look at this data on an individual and departmental basis. Data of this type allows us to make business decisions regarding products, process and personnel that enhance performance.

I bet you have some good advice for our readers.  Are there any tips, tactics or practices that you’d like to share with our hard-working, direct sales professionals?

For sure, I believe that you must take a personal approach to every interaction with every prospect and customer. I heard a phrase from a speaker a few years ago that stuck with me, “you don’t know business if you don’t know people…”. I believe that a consultative approach and pursuing the needs of every prospect goes a long way as it relates to closing a sale. But the job is not done once you have closed a sale. That is just the beginning. Sustaining a long and trusting relationship comes with ensuring you deliver great customer service.

Thanks for the chat Edgard. Any parting thoughts?

Thank you Ted for your time. And yes, I do have a couple of parting thoughts.  I know your readers are a hard-working group.  We’re a hard-working group at i-payout, too and we are working hard, right now, to grow our presence in the Direct Selling space. The customization capabilities of our software is unmatched. And that gives us a big edge.  
So, to the corporate decision makers who are reading this – call us.  We really do make global business happen, faster 🙂

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