Nerium International Japan Announces May Grand Opening Event

Jeff Olson, CEO, Nerium International


Nerium International has announced it will hold its Grand Opening event on May 17.

Since launching in 2011, Nerium International has broken records and generated over $1 billion in cumulative sales. In July 2016, Nerium International opened in Japan with the Nerium Age-Essential Night & Day Cream Optimera+™ Formula and the Nerium Body Couture Cream Optimera+ Formula.

Since launching successfully in Japan, Nerium International has continued to grow its customer and Independent Brand Partner base. In January 2017, Nerium International Japan announced its newest product, Moisture Eye-V Boost.

To celebrate its progress and achievements, Nerium International Japan will hold a Grand Opening May 17 in the Yokohama Arena.

At the Grand Opening event, Nerium International will provide training for its Independent Brand Partners, entertainment to celebrate its accomplishments, as well as announce new products for the Japan market.

“We look forward to celebrating our Nerium International Japan Grand Opening, introducing our exclusive skincare product line to the Japanese market, as well as creating economic opportunities across Japan.

People have an opportunity to own a unique business and become entrepreneurs as they enjoy a better work-life balance selling proven products they can truly believe in,”

said Nerium International Founder and Chief Executive Officer Jeff Olson.

About Nerium International

Based in Addison, TX, Nerium International is a global relationship marketing company with Age-Defying products crafted from cutting-edge research and science. Founded in 2011, Nerium International has shattered industry sales records while developing a strong customer base in North American, Latin American and Asia-Pacific markets.

This unprecedented success has allowed Nerium International to generate $1 billion in cumulative sales after just four years. Led by an executive leadership team with vast domestic and international experience, Nerium International is committed to providing an excellent product line based in real science and providing its Independent Brand Partners with a life-changing and outstanding business opportunity through relationship marketing.

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