Nikken Changes Compensation Plan

Kurt H. Fulle, President


Nikken is a Japanese company that has been in the direct sales world market for 42 years. It focuses on marketing a wide range of products that aim to provide active wellness in different areas of human life and favorably influence people´s lifestyle.

The company began operations in 1975 with a direct sales system. In 1994, it transformed to the network marketing system, which contributed to the birth and development of many leaders and allowed the business to expand to many countries.

According to Luis Kasuga, General Director, Nikken Latin America:

The business environment of today is characterized by constantly changing market conditions which have become a major challenge for all companies, regardless of the industry in which they operate.

Technology is moving very fast and therefore, what seemed innovative in the past decade is now seen as obsolete. Consumption needs, aspirations and trends of each generation (baby boomers, X & Y) are vastly different. Add to this the affect constantly changing rules and laws have on every industry and you have a perfect challenge.

In response to this challenge, Nikken´s  President and Chairman, Mr. Kurt H. Fulle, together with a small group of trusted advisors, has developed a comprehensive company plan that ranges from optimizing global processes, providing innovation in the wellness product line, restructuring of information technology, standardizing internal processes, aligning the income opportunity model with current regulations in each market region, among other activities, in order to create a new foundation that will prepare our organization to remain current in the network marketing sector and continue with our mission to offer people a balanced life through the Five Pillars of Health®: mind, body, family, society and finances.

As a result of this multi-year renewal and evolutionary effort, a new Compensation Plan was launched in 2017.

This dynamic plan significantly simplifies the rank advancement and monthly rank qualification requirements. It has handsomely rewarded those leaders who, after many years of effort and dedication, have stayed the course and never waivered in their belief in the Nikken income opportunity.

Likewise, it has become a source of motivation and enthusiasm, for a new generation of leaders, who are witnessing the financial benefits leaders are earning as a result of the changes made to the Compensation Plan.

The new compensation Plan, combined with excellent products and people wanting to live a better and balanced life, have shown significant immediate results. In just the first two months of the year, almost three hundred Wellness Consultants have qualified for leadership ranks, who in turn are emerging as a new generation of senior field leaders.

We have been celebrating for three months; we celebrate rank advancements, improved recruiting, wellness activities and great sales growth. Although it may be premature to project the impact the first quarter will have on the fiscal year,  prospects for robust growth in 2017 seem quite favorable.

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