Anthony Napolitano Achieves Ambassador Rank In Wealth Generators

Anthony Napolitano, Ambassador Rank,Wealth Generators


At the young age of 22, Anthony Napolitano has achieved the rank of Ambassador in Wealth Generators.

The Ambassador rank earns a minimum of $45,000 per month, according to the company’s website. This achievement makes Napolitano a top earner.

I see Wealth Generators as the perfect vehicle for anyone looking to make extra income.

We created a new sector, have stood the test of time, and have continually refined the company and products into what they are today, says Napolitano. This is just the beginning.

Starting in the industry just three years ago, Napolitano saw the power of network marketing early, and quit playing college sports to pursue his dreams of being an entrepreneur.

All I could think about was rising through ranks, impacting lives, and building a global business. It wasn’t long before I was making a full time income and decided to focus 100% on building my business.

Wealth Generators launched in 2013 with the mission to improve the financial future of its customers through subscription-based trade alert newsletters.

That mission and product offering have expanded globally. Wealth Generators now offers multiple technology platforms and additional trade alert newsletters in the world’s largest market, Forex.

  • It amazes me the lives we’re touching, young and old, at Wealth Generators,

says Founder Chad Miller.

I’ve been an entrepreneur my entire life and am proud to be part of a company that is such a great vehicle for individuals to find, grow, and keep more of their money. We are proud of Anthony and the hard work he has put in. He’s helping us take our empowering message around the world.

Anthony Napolitano On Stage

Napolitano has big plans for the future and will keep pushing to the next ranks.

As I said, this is just the beginning. I’ve already got my eyes set on the next rank.

Wealth Generators Overview (Updated 04/04/17) from Wealth Generators LLC on Vimeo.

I’m excited for the future and have global travel plans for the remainder of the year. We are doing things the right way, so the company will continue to be stable long term. There has never been a better time to join us and become part of Wealth Generators.”

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