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April marked three significant milestones for Bode Pro, as the company completed its first full month in business, settled into its new home office in Scottsdale, and launched a follow-up companion product to its delicious and wildly popular nootropic beverage, Bode Happy.

Happy is a specially formulated nootropic (cognitive enhancer) that supports mental focus, clarity and cognitive function. Three products in one, Happy is a nootropic, an energy drink and a healthy hair, skin and nails formula.

Bode Pro’s newest product, Bode Strong, is a complete nutritional foundation drink. Bode Strong contains ultra-premium ingredients, including a full spectrum of antioxidants, powerful phytonutrients from mangosteen, curcumin, maca, green tea and aloe, along with plant-sourced ionic minerals, making this drink sound like it could never be palatable, but actually tastes like something you might order on a tropical vacation!

The best Bode Pro news in May had to be the addition of industry icons Jason and Rene Domingo, as Master Influencers. As former six-figure monthly earners in other direct sales companies, Domingo brings field experience critical to long-term growth. As a 25-year networking professional and former lead distributor in his three prior companies, Jason brings a unique dynamic to Bode Pro.

“His talent lies not only in building teams of great leaders, but also as a mentor,”

says Bode Pro CEO, BK Boreyko.

“I’ve wanted to work with Jason for the last 12 years, but our timing just never aligned. That day has finally arrived. People are always impressed by his track record, but I think they’ll be even more impressed with his level of caring for his team and, in Bode Pro, his team is the entire company.”

Jason and Rene also play critical roles in the company’s internal expansion; experience that will serve to fast track Bode Pro’s external expansion.

“There is nothing more rewarding than a well-run network marketing company, and the character of its owners are the single most important component to its success.

That’s why I’ve locked arms with BK Boreyko and Bode Pro.” 

says Domingo.

“BK embodies the best qualities of our business model. He just gets it. I’ve put my all into building global network marketing companies; only to watch greed, ego and a blatant lack of respect for my field leaders, by company owners and board members, destroy my team’s hard work.

To them, we weren’t people. We were just a line item on a spreadsheet. There’s simply zero chance of that with BK. His track record speaks loudly and his love and dedication for our business model has been tested like no other owner.”

As for Bode Pro’s products, Domingo adds, “Bode Strong just makes perfect sense to use as my daily multi-vitamin.  Plus, I love the taste.  But, Happy is the most experiential product I’ve used in 20 years.  Happy is the product that moved me to dig deeper into the Bode Pro opportunity.”

“Start with BK Boreyko’s impeccable stewardship, mix in unique, impactful and easy to administer nutritional products, and you have the makings of a new, bar-setting standard in network marketing. That’s Bode Pro.”

Bode Pro just launched Canada, under an NFR program, and plans to officially open the market Fall 2017. And, with its newly announced plans to expand into Hong Kong and Taiwan, things don’t look like they will be slowing down anytime soon for the Bode Pro team.

Additionally, Bode Pro is preparing for the release of a cutting-edge, clinically studied, anti-aging formula called Bode Pro TEN, as well as Bee Happy, a natural, honey sweetened, lemon-lime version of its flagship strawberry-lemonade flavored product, Happy, in both ‘on-the-go’ powder sachets and ‘ready-to-drink’ cans. Bee Happy could very well become the next record setting brand in the multi-billion-dollar energy drink category. Also, a portion of Bee Happy sales will be donated to organizations committed to saving the honey bee population.

About Bode Pro

Bode Pro is building a culture of happiness, by embracing and implementing a fresh approach within the ‘direct-to-consumer’ influencer marketing space. This start-up tech company deploys technology and a fulfillment infrastructure, along with an app containing a suite of features, empowering the micro influencer with the ability to turn their social media platforms into a social marketplace.

Bode Pro capitalizes on traditional networking, internet marketing and social media ‘viral influence’ by using existing platforms to deliver unique and highly consumable products direct to consumers.

Its first two product offerings feature the hugely popular Happy, an ‘on-the-go’ solution for focus, mental clarity and energy, along with Bode Strong, the ultra-premium antioxidant and immune support drink. All products are delicious, results-driven and come with the Bode Pro Happiness Guarantee. When you’re happy, we’re happy.

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