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Tyra Banks

Tyra Beauty leaves thousands of distributors in the dust.

in 2015 at the start of her network marketing business, Tyra Banks said:

“It’s really important for me to empower people, particularly women to have financial freedom, because my mom she stayed with my dad way too long and she always says it’s because she didn’t have her own money and that inspires me,”

“I am charged with shaking up the world of beauty,” Banks said. “Anyone can join our crew of badass entrepreneurs and be the ceo of their own lives.” Enrollment costs $59 and participants are trained through an online program called TYRA-U.

According to a press release:

“While the direct sales channel grew from a few hundred hand-selected Beautytainers during its initial Beta period in spring of 2015 to several thousand by 2017, doubling revenue each year, the decision to close the channel was due to certain challenges typically associated with direct selling and multi-level businesses.

The success and positive momentum in the direct sales channel has been astonishing.

That success has come at a price and over the last year it has become increasingly clear that there are challenges with the direct sales channel that are simply not compatible with the mission and ultimately the business.

The brand’s commitment has always been to help empower people by giving them the tools and encouragement they need to succeed. TYRA Beauty will continue to sell its innovative and transformative cosmetic and skincare products through its ecommerce operations (www.tyrabeauty.com) and other channels where it is excited to continue to share its products, mission, and message.”

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