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Steven Thompson, CEO, Zilis


Zilis, LLC, the Pay It Forward company, recently gathered more than 300 Brand Ambassadors at the Bridgewater Club in Indianapolis, Indiana.

The event included a myriad of exciting announcements, product releases and the introduction of Derrick DeSilva, M.D. to Chief Medical Officer.

Featured were exclusive product introductions, new brand and technology partnerships and other exciting announcements.

ZEN Arterosil

Zilis announced the addition of ZEN Arterosil™.  Arterosil® is a breakthrough in vascular health.  Combining 20 years of research and $20 million of invested capital, ZEN Arterosil is considered by some to now be direct sales’ most robust product. The primary active ingredient in ZEN Arterosil is a negatively charged polysaccharide derived from a rare green seaweed. By rebuilding the slippery “Teflon” like surface inside the vascular system, Arterosil presents a revolutionary approach to supporting heart health.

Clinical research recently completed at the Baylor Medical Center showed an 89.6% increase in arterial elasticity as well as a 133.3% increase in arterial stress resistance within 90 minutes of taking the recommended daily supply of ZEN Arterosil. Zilis has been granted the exclusive ability to market ZEN Arterosil direct to consumers online.

Co-Founder Angie Thompson elaborated further, “with the addition of Arterosil, Zilis has established itself among the industry’s largest players. We are thankful to the research team for entrusting Zilis with such a powerful discovery.”

7 Hemp Oil

Zilis also proudly announced the addition of Pur Health Rx to the lineup of Brand Partnerships. Pur Health Rx is the formulator behind PurZorb™ technology.  In documented clinical studies, PurZorb displayed up to 85 percent bioavailability of hemp oil and other oil soluble compounds. We’ve all heard the saying “oil and water don’t mix”. 7 Hemp Oil is a breakthrough in hemp supplementation because of normal unrefined CBD absorption capability of approximately 6 percent.

Presidential Ambassador Jenny Lusby had this to say about the introduction of 7 Hemp Oil, “as a former nurse I know the power of CBD when it comes to health. We’re taking it to the next level by offering CBD oil that is water soluble. This leads to a faster and longer last impact and we can’t wait to see the impact with our customers and team. The results have been beyond exceptional thus far”.


Other Products

Other world-class products were added to the Zilis brand, such as ZEN Soleil™ and ZEN Renew™. The introductions further solidified Zilis’ commitment to building the Amazon of health and wellness.

Compensation Enhancements

The Zilis Career Path includes four types of income and 12 ways of receiving compensation. Unique features such as a benefits package that includes charitable giving paid for by Zilis, free Jeep bonuses, fully funded health insurance and global revenue sharing.

To a crowd of already enthused Brand Ambassadors, Mr. Thompson announced lower qualification requirements and increased commissions on a variety of bonuses. Chief Financial Officer Larry Breen states:

“I’ve operated in the financial arena of network marketing for nearly 20 years. From a cost perspective, the concept created by Steven & Angie is truly incredible. Due to the unique “consignment” product model we employ here at Zilis, the company is able to provide income potential that simply isn’t possible to traditional product based direct sales companies.”

Pay It Forward Nutrition Program

Zilis donates specially formulated children’s supplements with every sale under the pay it forward nutrition model. Each Zilis product sold provides a specific daily amount to children in third world countries. It was announced that last year the company delivered one million days of nutrition to children in Haiti and that the goal for 2017 has been set at ten million days.

Other Announcements

The company announced tha Derrick DeSilva, Jr. M.D. has been promoted to Chief Medical Officer. As the founding President of the American Nutraceutical Association and Chairman of the Age Management Medicine Group, Dr. DeSilva is widely acclaimed in the United States and aboard.  Dr. DeSilva bring unique blend of medical expertise to Zilis, blending both eastern and western medical wisdom together.

Dr. DeSilva elaborates, “I have known and worked closely with Steven & Angie Thompson for years. From the moment I learned about their vision, I knew I had to be a part of this journey.  I am not only proud, but I am humbled to serve as Chief Medical Officer of Zilis. My commitment is to make the greatest breakthroughs in integrative medical technology available to our growing community of Brand Ambassadors and customers.”

About Zilis, LLC

Founded in 2015 by internationally recognized entrepreneurs Steven and Angie Thompson, Zilis is building an Amazon® like concept inside of a Direct Sales channel.  Unlike most direct sales companies that only offer one brand, Zilis offers top brands for every aspect of health and wellness. The potential behind Zilis is impressive. In just over twenty years, Amazon recorded $150 billion in annual sales last year, despite a small international presence.

Per Mr. Thompson, “we believe Zilis can replicate the same success given enough time and resources. We’ve chosen health and wellness as our first division and intend to rapidly expand the divisions from there.” Zilis has already enjoyed fast success. The company documented over 500% growth in 2016 and projects over 1,000% growth in the current year.

In addition to making hundreds of the best wellness products available from one single source, Zilis makes a difference with every sale.  Each time a Zilis product is purchased, the company matches the sale by providing daily servings of Zilis Nutrition Packs for children in at-risk locations. Each nutrition pack is proven in studies in collaboration with the World Health Organization (WHO) and World Food Programme (WFP) to reverse childhood malnutrition in sixty days. A company that takes compliance seriously, Zilis is proudly represented by the experts at Thompson-Burton.

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