Better Planet Paper – Toilet Paper Goes Network marketing

Scott Kufus Better Planet Paper CEO

Better Planet Paper founded by CEO Scott Kufus – a long term network marketing professional – is a member owned environmental-paper co-op focused on becoming the most trusted and responsible “tree friendly” consumer paper brand in North America conveniently delivered direct to your door.

The company is a grass roots environmental service organization that incentivizes people with prizes to purchase forest-friendly paper products that create a sustainable world.

By providing home delivery of competitively priced and diverse biodegradable paper products that contribute to reforestation, Better Planet provides consumers an economical and convenient opportunity to become part of the solution through responsible consumption.

The ability to become not just a consumer but more importantly a “Prosumer” and produce a net benefit to the planet with each purchase of paper.

As the company stated:

Everyone wipes, now it’s time to wipe away unnecessary expenses and rollout, paper with a purpose.  Better Planet Paper… Change brands and change your world. The change begins with you. 

On the opportunity site Better Plnet has implemented an unilevel compensation plan structure, affiliates must have at least 5 active retail customers or affiliates to qualify for commissions.

A Premier member agrees to automatic shipping, based on your own chosen schedule. Monthly, every other month or quarterly delivered to your door for free.

Its so simple, if your order is over $39 per order or $150 per year or if you become a Co-Op annual member. (Personal and Business Memberships available)

Toilet paper and network marketing it could be a great plan 🙂

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    1. No. We’re about to re-launch Better Planet. It’s been a long road. We’re very excited! Stay tuned on our Facebook page – @betterplanet4u

  1. You can’t charge premium price for truck stop toilet paper and you can’t charge for shipping anything these days, that just pisses people off. Planting trees is what all paper companies do. Planting the raw materials you need for your product is called farming.

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