Interview With French Top Leader Jean-Michel Cideme – LEO

Jean-Michel Cideme, LEO

Dedicated and determined, Jean-Michel Cideme is a man of impressive stature with a strong mission to succeed.

This highly motivated direct selling professional joined Learning Enterprises Organisation Ltd (LEO) in June 2016 and has already soared to the heights of Senior Executive rank. Recently recognised for his remarkable training skills at the LEO Global Annual Awards 2017, with the Best Trainer Award, he has swiftly become a true asset to the organisation.

Originally from Guadeloupe, in the Caribbean, but now living in Paris, Jean-Michel Cideme has travelled a long way, in distance and in life, to reach his current location. Here is a hard-working professional with a strong work ethic and a gift for motivating others. With over 15 years working in the direct selling industry, Jean-Michel found himself looking for a new opportunity in 2016, and decided to join forces with LEO, impressed by the company’s industry-leading innovation, and has no regrets.

Setting himself new and bigger goals each day, Jean-Michel has proved to be a powerhouse in his LEO business and his progress has been stunning! So, to find out what makes this highly successful LEO Member tick, Ted Nuyten asked Jean-Michel some incisive questions:

You have achieved so much in just a year with LEO – what would you say is the secret to your impressive success?

I have a motivational mantra which for me sums up any secret to my success: ‘Biggest in my mind’ – these words act as a reminder, which I often shorten to the shout-out ‘BIMM’, that although you might not be able to control events, you can fully control your interpretation of them. You can make the impossible, possible, you can find the opportunity in the difficulty, every obstacle can become a springboard and each failure can become an enriching experience.

Being ‘biggest in my mind’ always means having the choice. This motto helps me deal with life’s challenges and obstacles. Actually, there is no real secret to my success, it just comes down to a lot of hard work. I also look back on a regular basis to make sure I am achieving more today than yesterday and to ensure I will work even harder tomorrow.

I aspire to be an example to others by the results I achieve. My business is my career and I force myself to be the best version of myself I can be. My success is planned months in advance and starts as of today!

You sound like a very determined person, with great strength of mind, but what motivates you most to succeed in your LEO business?

The results of my colleagues are crucial to my confidence – the more successful they are, the more it motivates me. It is like a wheel of success without limits – our potential for success motives us to put things into motion, which in turn provides results, which boosts our confidence, and all the while our potential for success continues to grow, etc.

I also believe that I must prove quickly, based on my results, that my team are right to trust me and have made the right choice, so I work hard to do this. In my opinion, my experience and my advice alone will not be enough to inspire and motivate my colleagues, leading by example is not the best way to teach, but the ONLY way, so this also motivates me to work harder.

 What led you to join LEO and what do you like most about the organisation?

I believe that this opportunity is not only good, but the best! I have over 15 years’ experience in the direct selling industry, but I was searching for something more fulfilling, that met my high standards of business ethics. After careful research, I was satisfied that LEO more than met my requirements, and decided to commit 300% to the business. Not only did LEO provide the reassurance of being a UK Direct Selling Association Member, with the level of integrity that requires, but I was impressed by its Ecosystem of products, including LEOCoin, its digital currency, which provided a chance to get involved in this innovative industry.

I was also attracted to the idea of selling the training LEO offers, especially in Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP), as I am an NLP Technician and understand the importance this can have in people’s lives. In addition, having studied many compensation plans before, I found LEO’s to be ambitious, reassuring and rewarding, especially its Reverse Matching Bonus, which provides payment on your upline’s commissions. All in all, LEO has given me a vision 10 times bigger than I could ever have imagined in my life!

You clearly work very hard to make a success of your LEO business, but how does this fit in with your family life?

Thanks to the great opportunity LEO has provided, I can work from home and be available for my family whenever I’m needed. Although I work full time, I work according to my own schedule and I can still be part of my children’s education and see them blossom more every day.

I met my wife thanks to the direct selling industry and our children are benefitting wonderfully from the lifestyle my LEO business provides, with travel opportunities and a quality of life that is above average thanks to the income achieved. I am so grateful to be able to make a living out of my passion and it works really well.

Do you have any tips to offer to others who might want to start a direct selling business?

Yes, firstly I would recommend that you define 10 goals that will motivate you to work hard to achieve them. In my opinion, many quit because their goals are not motivating them enough to get through the difficulties. Secondly, I would suggest that you find THE person who has the success you wish to achieve and follow their advice. You will get much criticism from people with no proven results – don’t listen to them!

My third and final piece of advice can be summed up succinctly as ‘Losers stop when they fail and winners fail until they succeed’ – If you really want to succeed, you must expect challenges, opposition, failures and other interesting opportunities that could make you deviate from your path, but you must remain focused. Determination and perseverance are very important values to have to achieve your goals.

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Learning Enterprises Organisation Ltd (LEO) is a global entrepreneurship training company which uses personal recommendation to introduce Members to its products and services. Established in 2012, LEO now has over 250,000 Members in more than 120 countries.

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