Lifebrook Opens For Business In The USA

Tony Heisterkamp, CEO, LifeBrook

According to a LifeBrook press release the company is open for business:

“Farm to table marketing has arrived in direct selling.

Through Lifebrook’s exclusive relationship with National Aronia Growers, we have access to roughly 85% of all domestic production of Aronia berries. Lifebrook is the first company of its kind to bring 100% Aronia products, using 100% American grown Aronia to direct selling and peer to peer retailing.

Aronia may be the “forgotten fruit,” but Lifebrook plans to change all that.

Think about this; in 2004 Acai was barely known. By 2008 sales were $104M and last year did an estimated $696M, with projections of $2.3B by 2026.

Why does that matter?

Well, for one thing, Aronia is THE most potent superfruit* known to man. Period. The benefits out reach any other berry and it has been garnering national attention with major research Universities and more.

  • 100% American grown, by American families AND through National Aronia Growers, these farmers are guaranteed a market for their berries
  • 100% pure Aronia in our juice, with zero water and never, ever from concentrate
  • America’s only native superfruit means we do not have to depend on foreign production or importation issues

About Lifebrook

Tony Heisterkamp, Lifebrook’s founder and CEO, had no intention of launching a wellness company when he bought a small farm back in 2005. After a successful career in the furniture industry, he and his wife Jennifer were looking for a quiet retirement in the countryside. They considered creating a nature preserve, and then settled on planting an apple orchard.

The farm work was physically demanding, and Tony experienced minor pain and inflammation in his hands and joints. Preferring a natural approach, he’d been using mangosteen to help, so he was naturally curious when a friend told him that aronia delivers five times the antioxidant value.Tony tried some aronia juice, and he was so impressed by the results he plunged into months of research. He and Jennifer became convinced they should set aside some land to grow aronia bushes.

As an entrepreneur, Tony began marketing the fruit from his farm. He discovered was a scattering of independent farmers who were passionate about this remarkable fruit. For more information please visit

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