Greg and Melanie Greenough Achieve Presidential Rank At World Global Network

Greg and Melanie Greenough Achieve Presidential Rank At World Global Network

Greg and Melanie Greenough Achieve Presidential Rank At World Global Network a Triple A classified Opportunity by Business For Home.

This is way they had to say:

In our 10 year career in Network Marketing we have definitely experience the ups and downs of entrepreneurship and the changing landscape of companies and team building. We have had amazing freedom that most people in the “real Work world” will never experience and also the daunting process of having to make choices and changes that radically impact our family and our teams in both positive and negatives ways.

We have gone from our first company where we gained our time freedom to our second company where we learned the importance of culture and compensation plans and the impact they can have when they are not a great fit to finding World GN where our LOVE for the Game of Network Marketing has been re-ignited and our financial goals are able to come to fruition.

We are grateful for the experiences that led us to look outside of our comfortable position at our former company with a Top Rank and large team we were definitely coasting. However our declining income and lack of fit with the culture made it impossible for me to tell people they could really have the BIG WIN that we are all looking for when we join Network Marketing.

For months I found myself watching the Top 200 list of earners in the world published by Business for Home scanning the companies and earners, looking I think subconsciously for something that would be a vehicle and culture that lined up with my desire to help people change their lives financially in a big time way. Where the product was a superstar but the message of Global Domination and financial freedom was more than just a mantra but instead a real time opportunity that was happening now.

What I found on that list surprised me because for several months in a row the list continued to be dominated by a company we had never heard of called World GN. This company had new leaders making the list every month and accelerating past people who had been on that list due to 30 & 40 year careers in the industry.

World GN had people ranking #9 in the world on that list after just 9 months with World GN earning over $700,000 that month who had just one year previous to starting with World GN been making 100k a YEAR at their previous companies. I was definitely intrigued.

That is when one of our mentors told us the comfort zone is where your dreams go to die. We have big dreams not only for ourselves but huge goals to impact masses of people through this profession and we knew that if we stayed where we were those dreams would never be fulfilled.

Change is always scary especially when you are well established in a company with a solid income, but we need to ask ourselves the question “are we in this industry for comfort and security or are we here to impact thousands of peoples lives and truly make a difference teaching people to become entrepreneurs?”

We realized that being comfortable was slowly dimming our vision and holding us back from fulfilling our purpose within this profession. Our goal is to help create over 500 six figure a year earners in our organization traveling the world together, giving to charities and making a difference both here and abroad.

Melanie adds:

It was a tough choice to choose freedom over security. When we flew down to vet the company we were in a meeting with the above mention #9 in the world on the top 200 list and there was a simple statement made that “loyalty should never lead to poverty”.

As Greg said we are fiercely loyal people and that is when I KNEW we had to make a change. It is also when I knew we had found a culture we could excel in and that lined up with our Big Audacious goal of setting people free.  That peoples freedom needs to come before the companies bottom line.

So we decided to GO ALL IN and start a new team. Are we ever thankful that we did! The  culture at World GN from Mr Fabio Galdi’s vision of being the next big Tech Giant to the leadership who believes in duplication and freedom to the financial opportunity here with World GN our entrepreneurial spirit has been revived.

We are having so much fun and experiencing levels of freedom that we had not felt for several years.. our love for the industry is BACK in a new and fresh way! We are witnessing so many new people with no experience in the industry people just like us who have an above average desire to change their lives achieving success both in team growth and income levels.

The number 1 rule we have learned recently in this industry is that we should never say no to an opportunity until we have taken a look at the opportunity so we know for sure what we are potentially saying no to.

As we researched WorldGN we found something that we could really sink our passion and drive into. A company that is there to

  1. Deliver a cutting edge product and continually innovate to stay ahead of the trends
  2. A corporate team that did their jobs at the corporate level that trusted the field to LEAD and that wants to partner with the leaders to make the company better.
  3. A simple duplicate system. A way to build FROM HOME with a 2 minute video that leaves everyone saying yes and an opportunity to travel and train our teams only when we wanted to.
  4. A culture that inspires the ENTREPRENEURIAL SPIRIT. There has been a move in the industry for companies to try to control the representatives time and activities. Some companies even going as far as saying that they CANNOT BUY PRODUCTS from other companies! Can you imagine… every product we use is from a network marketing company and we always support our friends when they need it!
  5. A company that is OPEN IN 195 countries NOW! With the world being so small because of technology we literally have built a business in less than 6 months that spans the globe and is growing fast
  6. A culture where luxury trips, luxury cars, private planes and tons of money are not only acceptable but expected and encouraged. World GN just launched a PRIVATE JET PROGRAM!

The more we learned about World GN’s desire to see the average person be able to earn an above average income and impact peoples lives with their incredible products along with the vision of the company and opportunity to build a truly global business from home the more excited we got!

Finally we had found a culture within a company that embraces individual talent, emphasizes team growth and rewards, travel & incentives and knows how to use marketing and the appeal of the Network Marketing lifestyle to gain traction in a very crowded industry.

We have already attended the company convention in THAILAND and is was a red carpet event that left us speechless!  Finally a company with passion for freedom and travel that matches our goals and dreams.

When Melanie and I learned that many other top leaders were becoming aware of Worldgn’s offering and making the decision to lock arms with the company also leaving their 6 & 7 Figure incomes to capitalize on the incredible timing with the company, we knew that if we did not act fast we may miss the perfect timing and opportunity to do something REALLY BIG with this company, so within days we decided to go ALL OUT and JUMP RIGHT IN!

What a ride it has been so far. We are blessed to be working with some of the BEST LEADERS IN THE ENTIRE INDUSTRY and so very thankful for the mentorship from Mike Sims, Steve Carter, Travis Flaherty, Chad and Nattida Chong, and Romacio Fulcher and to know that there is a team of leaders like this who truly serve our entire organization it has become a dream come true as it allows our partners to be lined up with the very best in the industry.

We are forever grateful for every step of our journey and for finding a home where we can be ourselves, party, have fun and build a truly international business from the comfort of our homes.

Reaching the Rank of President with World GN is an honour and just the beginning of our journey here at World Global Network and only made possible because of the incredible twe have been blessed with here, we are so thankful for our organization and there faith in us and our leadership they inspire us everyday!

We have an amazing team of dedicated people who are ready and willing to roll up their sleeves and pioneer this product and company knowing that pioneering any company has its challenges but also has huge financial rewards.  We are so excited to help anyone who is dead serious about changing their futures and who are willing to believe that Network Marketing is a BETTER WAY!

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